My, oh my. Richard Scrushy just won’t leave well enough alone, will he? Following on the heels of his surprising acquital by a hometown jury, Scrushy is now threatening legal action against Healthsouth to get his old job back. I’m sure the Healthsouth board wants Scrushy back about as much as the Mets would like to have the horrific Mo Vaughn in the starting line-up again. For Healthsouth, Scrushy’s Phoenix-like rise from the ashheap of corporate malfeasance is a reputation nightmare. Trying to distance themselves from all of his alleged wrongdoings, Healthsouth has to be struggling to convince remaining customers that they’ll stay focused on the business of their business. So, what do you do if you’re Healthsouth? Figure out a way to buy Scrushy out ASAP. You do not want to fight him in a protracted court case. While Healthsouth might win the legal battle, they’ll lose in the court of public opinion (or in this case, the court of customer opinion). Customers will only put up with so much distraction. Healthsouth needs to put Scrushy behind them pronto. Or their business will be heading south….permanently.

One thought on “Ex-scrushy-ating

  1. Scrushy waged the most successful propoganda campaign since the Nazi government back in the 1930s.
    This guy is so guilty and somehow he laid the ground work to convince a critical part of the Birmingham community that he knew nothing.
    Understanding this, it’s fair to say that he will show tremendous savvy and tenacity in his battle to regain his post (even thought the average business executive can’t believe that no one sees through this). Healthsouth better find a way to move beyond this, or its Scrushy nightmares are beginning all over again.