What Became of Accountability?

Clyde Haberman’s column in today’s NY Times about the alleged doctoring of Mayoral Candidate’s C. Virginia Fields’ campaign photo to depict her as resonating with a diverse population provides a dead-on discussion about accountability, or the lack thereof.  The photo in question was doctored, and the faces of white people replaced with those of people of color.  When the deception was revealed, Fields blamed her top advisor who, in turn, blamed Fields.

What’s become of accountability?  From Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay to Barry Bonds and Karl Rove, no one seems to accept responsibility for their actions anymore.  Beyond being a bad thing, it’s also dumb.  I believe accountability can be a huge factor in successfully differentiating an individual or an institution.  Think about it.  There are so few people who accept responbsibility for their actions nowadays that those who do will break through the clutter. Being accountable isn’t just the right thing to do.  It’s the smart thing.

One thought on “What Became of Accountability?

  1. Accountability went out the window during the Reagan administration when you had the more pronounced division between the rich and poor…it is also timed with the Congress and the legal system going haywire setting up protection for the rich…Poor people have always been more accountable than the rich. A few more Bernie Ebbers penalties… were they lose everything… will go a long way toward bringing back accountablity…Why should the rich care if there is no skin off their back when they get caught…Bush changes the standard when Rove gets caught…Bonds steriod supplier gets four months…Ken Lay is still sitting pretty…Why be accountable if the risk reward is heavily in your favor. The Poor get hammered when they make a mistake…the fat boys could care less.