Navel Gazing at the Network Level

I was amused to read the various articles concerning ABC’s angst over who they’ll select to fill Peter Jennings’ shoes as nighttime network anchor.  Among the front-runners is Diane Sawyer who, insiders say, doesn’t want to do the evening gig because she’s too obsessed with overtaking arch nemesis Katie Couric in the morning talk show slot.

What amuses me is the thought of these executives weighing their various alternatives as their share of overall ratings continues to be dismembered by the likes of cable, the web and high-profile bloggers.  It’s akin to Nero’s fiddling while Rome burned.

Although there have been reports of the "Big Three" networks exploring alternative means of staying relevant, the fact remains that Sawyer, Couric, et al, are a slowly dying breed.  The less navel gazing about who fills the Jennings slot, the better.  It’s time to remove those Ostrich-like heads from the sand and figure out what current and next generation Amercians want in terms of their news and "infotainment."  Sad to say it, but Katie, Matt, Charlie, Diane, Brian and their ilk are the T Rex’s of broadcasting’s Jurassic Period.  And their reign as masters of the universe is fast coming to an end.

2 thoughts on “Navel Gazing at the Network Level

  1. Yes, they are. They may be anchors but not they are certainly not the classic “news” anchors who carried on the tradition established by the likes of Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley. Ancohors are hosts, and many, many of them are more concerned with promoting their self-image than transmitting hard information to the public. And they are packaged and marketed to the public as yet another commmodity. Might as well be selling breakfast cereal. Sorry but this repman is right. We’ll not see the likes of Jennings ever again.

  2. i dont think that news anchors are on their way out…that was a strictly hasen comment