New Church Scandal Looks Like Another Instance of ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

With yesterday’s resignation of Msgr. Eugene V. Clark as rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it sure appears that we have yet another example of a public figure who says one thing and does another.

Clark has been accused of having an affair with his longtime personal secretary of 33 years. The woman’s husband, who has filed for divorce, has provided videotape images of Clark and his estranged wife entering a Hamptons hotel and then leaving five hours later in different clothes. Talk about a smoking gun!

What exacerbates the allegations in my mind is that Clark has previously used his powerful position to wax poetic on the "immorality in the American culture."

This incident is shockingly similar to the Harry Stonecipher/Boeing saga. Readers will recall that after becoming Boeing’s CEO, Stonecipher initiated strict personal behavior guidelines for employees as part of the corporation’s revamped code of ethics. Then, he went ahead and had an affair with an employee that ended up costing him his job.

It’s no wonder many feel that America has lost its moral compass when the Clarks and Stoneciphers of the world act in such blatant disingenuous ways. As a former altar boy, I can only pray things get better before they get any worse.

2 thoughts on “New Church Scandal Looks Like Another Instance of ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

  1. You’re missing the point, here. Clark’s behavior was not “committed in the name of religion.” He’s just a horny old man who happens to be a man of the cloth.

  2. Well said Steve. You have an interesting blog and I’m adding that to my blogroll.
    But, about your last sentence, when has anything to do with organized religion been any better, or just or moral that we now dare to hope it will get go back to? More crimes and atrocities have been committed in the name of religion than anything else.
    Which brings me to my second point. Pray? To whom? I consider myself spiritual but more and more alientated from organized religion.