Sale Away This Summer…and Fall…and Winter…and Spring…and…

Remember Christmas? It’s December 25, the day that a majority of the world celebrates as the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s marked with family get togethers, reflections and prayer, feasts and, of paramount importance to many, gift-giving.

Relax. I’m not about to launch into a tirade about the commercialization of Christmas. Nor will I bemoan the fact that the word is being replaced with the generic "holiday season." Instead, I raise this as an illustration of how sectarian and secular holidays have converged to the point that the American calendar has become one long occasion for ongoing sales promotions.

I began to think about this when I heard a radio advertisement for a back-to-school sale around Independence Day…little more than a week after the end of the school year. Shortly after Labor Day, we’ll be assaulted with promotions for Halloween. The day after that, Nov. 1, marks the start of the aforementioned "holiday season." Remember when that was the day after Thanksgiving, the so-called "Black Friday"? No more.

Such brash, aggressive commercialization of traditional dates is absurd. When retailers push the envelope to ridiculously early dates, they risk damaging their reputations and alienating a customer base that is increasingly less loyal.

5 thoughts on “Sale Away This Summer…and Fall…and Winter…and Spring…and…

  1. Tell me about it. I just received the Disney catalog for Halloween. Halloween?!? And it even had a few Christmas items in it. Am I wrong or is it only August? As soon as my daughter was done pining over the costumes that she will not be wearing come Oct. 31, I dropped the book in its final destination. The trash.

  2. When I first came to this country, I would get all excited about the seasonal sales. Other older residents would me how I should look to buy on sale and keep up with the latest in circulars and coupons. Ah, the foolish old ways and days.
    Soon I realized that there is always a sale and if something is advertised at a certain price once, it (or a competing product) will always be available at that price, or cheaper.
    Hence I am now ad-deaf. Hear that you rabid pack of ad executives? You can spend all the money you like to get into my mind, I just don’t hear you any more. 😉

  3. I was walking through Grand Central about 3 weeks ago and saw in Papyrus’s window display their usual selection of stationery alongside a collection of Valentine’s Day cards…! I kid you not, it was simply absurd.

  4. I completely agree with your sentiments.
    It is difficult to tolerate overly agressive salespeople, let alone withstand an unrelenting barrage of overzealous advertising by these sales types. And, to make matters worse, the exploitation of holidays (christmas), and non-holidays (back to school) by these salespeople is not only deplorable, but also mind-numbing.