The Road to Cooperstown Runs Along Main Street

So, let’s suspend reality for moment and imagine that you’re baseball legend and sure-fire Hall of Famer Rafael Palmeiro. All of a sudden, your life is crumbling in front of your eyes. Caught taking steroids, you’ve been given a 10-game suspension. Even worse, Congress is mumbling about possibly nailing you for perjury because they have you on videotape categorically denying the use of steroids. "Ever!" as you stated vehemently on tape.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  So, is all lost?  Not necessarily.  If Rafy were one of our corporate clients, we’d advise him to quickly admit guilt and put a program in place to make amends. I would tell Rafy to voluntarily suspend himself for the season (the 10-game suspension is such a joke). Between now and October, I’d send Rafy on the to road to hamlets large and small across this great land of ours.  I’d have him meet with Little League coaches and their teams and counsel kids on the evils of steroid use.  Then, I’d take some of his millions and establish a Rafael Palmeiro Anti-Steroid Foundation whose purpose would be ongoing education and counseling.  After doing all that, I’d have Rafy take his case directly to the people before the start of next season and ask them for a second chance.  Americans love to give people a second chance.  But only if they are open and honest.  If Palmeiro wants to see himself enshrined in Cooperstown one day, he’ll first have to log many miles along Redemption Highway.

3 thoughts on “The Road to Cooperstown Runs Along Main Street

  1. You raise some valid points. Rafy has posted extremely impressive numbers that are definitely worthhy of the Hall. But, I have to believe Rafy, McGwire, Sosa, Bonds and their ilk will always have an asterisk next to their names indicating their performance was juiced.

  2. No doubt his reputation is permanently tarnished to some extent, but lying about his steroid use is certainly not helping matters. Players who have been somewhat forthcoming about their steroid use (Giambi, Sheffield, and McGwire) have generally been met with understanding from fans. Like I said, Americans love to give people a second chance. He needs to quit hiding behind the union and his attorneys, set his ego aside, and admit guilt to the public pronto if he wants to salvage the little reputation he has left. His cover-up will ultimately hurt him more than the crime. And while he may never be on par with most Hall of Famers (minus the Klansmen and segregationists who have plaques), Rafy still has a shot at the Hall — his numbers are that impressive.

  3. Sorry, but he could be on the Road to Redemption for the rest of his life, but he’ll never back on par with the Hall of Famers in Cooperstown. What you are suggesting would get him back in the good graces of the public, but guys like this aren’t interested in that. They want to do well in their sport to have, fame, glory, “star power” (what have you.) If they cared about kids primarily, they wouldn’t have become involved in steroids. What you are describing is not very appealing to egomaniacs.