UPS = Unbelievably Poor Service

To: Michael Eskew, CEO of UPS
From: A former customer
Re: Big Disappointment from Big "Brown"

Sorry to bother you, I can only imagine how busy you
are. I have some suggestions on how you
should run your business. By the way,
for the record, I have no experience running a global company. Furthermore, I am not an expert by any means
in the art of package delivery or supply chain services.

With that said, I do have a few recommendations based on
some first-hand experiences that I have had with your company. Recently, your company lost or
"misplaced" or "failed to deliver" a package (whatever your
employees want to call it) that had time-sensitive tickets to a major sporting
event. Besides seriously disappointing
the people who were planning to attend the game, your company’s failure to
deliver the package by the agreed upon delivery date resulted in the loss of
about $200. Needless to say, it’s not a
great deal of money but enough that it is worth mentioning.

However, it’s not the initial mistake of losing the package
that is so disappointing. After all,
mistakes do happen. Instead, it is the
way your customer service reps handled the situation. To make a long story short, after hours of
being transferred from one rep to another, they finally conceded that there was
nothing they could do to rectify the situation, and besides refunding me the
delivery charge, I was told I needed to live with the disappointment. No joke.

So, here’s my recommendation for you. Stop spending millions of dollars on your
"Brown" ad campaign. All the
marketing in the world won’t convince a disappointed customer that UPS is
worthy of their business. Stop investing
in technology upgrades unless you can invent something that prevents you from
ever losing packages again. Stop
worrying about your competition and what they’re up to next.

Instead, have someone sit down with every customer rep in
your vast organization and make sure they know how to use common sense and help
someone who has just been royally screwed over by the missteps of your
organization. Have these people learn
that the power of one customer’s disappointment is more powerful than a
compelling 30-second spot during on TV. Tell them that all customers, especially those being royally screwed,
should be treated as though the company’s bottom line depended on their

Mr. Eskew, your organization, and its reputation, is only as
strong as your weakest link. And that
weak link just cost you a customer. 


8 thoughts on “UPS = Unbelievably Poor Service

  1. OK. I Googled for UPS Edmonton and this is the first link that shows up.
    I am FRUSTATED with UPS already even though my package is yet to be delivered. The first attempt, the driver did not keep a notice and I was willing to give benefit of doubt for the first time.
    I saw the delivery exception in my email and called UPS to schedule the package to be delivered in a window of time — The window that they could promise is 10AM -5PM…. Nice.
    I scheduled the package to be delivered to my office The system shows that the address is changed and the idiots are still trying to deliver the package at my home address.
    God save us all from UPS and other millions of similarly stupid companies that serve the crown.

  2. Corey, I feel your pain. One can only hope that someone at UPS is combing the web for horror stories like this and forwarding it up the line to someone who can fix the mess.

  3. Yes UPS Still sucks. I had a package overnighted several days ago. In fact yesterday it was just two hours from my home. But it is just sitting in some container and has been shipped even further from my home where it has continued to sit for over 12hrs now. This package contained cultures that cost $500 and can only exist outside the fridge for 24-48 hrs. Letting customer service know this for the last two days and they just tell me there is no more info on their computer screen and to get lost. Well I hope UPS collapses and no one ever uses this company again. If you have something to ship that needs to get their overnight good luck, the rep eventually told me one in ten packages don’t make it on time. If I had realized how much I was gambling by using UPS I would have given it a second thought.

  4. Does UPS still suck? Yes it does. I was promised delivery on a certain date. Of course the package did not arrive although the tracking system indicated it was “out for delivery” whatever that means. I called UPS and was told that they did not know why it had not been delivered. I called to find out if they would deliver it on the next day..a Saturday, and was told “no” I didnt pay for that service so I would have to wait until the next business day…probably Monday. I was directed to call the shipper/seller whom initiated UPS service and to have them call UPS and initiate an ‘investigation’ as to why my package had not been ‘scanned’ for over 24 hours. I called the shipper I had bought the item from and they informed me that it was up to UPS to find the package they had taken responsibility for….and I agreed with them. I called UPS back and was told the previous agent I talked to was totally wrong. In fact, because it was UPS who was at fault for not delivering me the package on Friday, they would make a special delivery for me on Saturday. Well, like an idiot, I waited all day for my package and finally called UPS back when nothing came. I was told the rep who told me it was going to be delivered on Saturday was totally wrong!!! I really don’t know what to think other than UPS has really played me for an idiot. I will never use their service nor recommend it to anyone. Their promise of service makes a fool out of anyone whom uses it.
    Danny Gowda

  5. Hi Guys,
    Here is another one about UPS’ extremely poor service.
    See below my comments re brutal handling, lack of respect to customer’s time and “The customer is always wrong” approach. My next idea is to send this to Fed-Ex, Purolator and others that will be glad to hear how bad UPS is…
    Here is the reply to UPS “claim audit” clerk
    that does think time is of essence:
    Hi Sandra,
    “Thanks” for your bureaucracy…
    a. I do not understand why haven’t UPS who brutally handled this package in the first place even bothered to put a damage trace on this package and get photos, if it did not intend to do anything from this end but to forward this to the shipper for him to re-file the claim from scratch?
    b. Could you please elaborate why is this claim process needs to be restarted from the shipper and why hasn’t that happened in the first place to save me (your customer) some time?
    c. How long is this claim process going to take?
    I am extremely frustrated with your level of service since this is just a mere continuation of a bad service to begin with:
    When the package was in transit, I called UPS and asked them to hang on to the package and NOT ATTEMPT SHIPPING since I was not at home on Friday morning, March 24 when the package arrived to Edmonton. This fell on UPS’ deaf ears, since UPS’ policy is to attempt shipping the first time before “allowing” the consignee to pick the goods from the UPS warehouse in Edmonton. If UPS has a contract with the shipper to attempt shipping to the address even though they know that nobody will be there to receive it they could have done the “extra mile” of calling the shipper and ask him for approval to hang on to the package per the consignee’s request.
    To make a long story short UPS tried to ship it anyway and of course nobody was home to receive it. Later on when I wanted to pick it up I have been told that “there isn’t a direct phone number in the UPS warehouse(!?)” and I should wait for a phone call to tell me when is the driver (with my “travelling” package) expected to be back with my package.
    That did not happen till about 16:30 o’clock on Friday and they advised me the package will wait for me at warehouse at 17:30 but sure enough it did not arrive until around 18:00.
    After which and as you know, the goods were damaged.
    Bottom line: Your service is as brutal as your handling of packages.
    I kindly ask you to answer my questions (above) and since you are ISO9000 certified I am expecting you to transfer this e-mail to your Quality Manager and complaint department .
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation
    Doron wrote:
    > Doron
    > The claims paperwork has been sent to the shipper for them to process the paperwork with their local UPS claims department.
    > Any future questions needs to be directed to them.
    > Thanks in advance for your co operation
    > Sandra McGee Doucet
    > EDA
    > UPS Package Information Canada
    > 5-275-4950
    > 1 888 293 2244
    > fax 1 800 964 6355

  6. Dead on Mr. Cody! Many months back, UPS has the pleaure of losing a an extremely time sensitive that I had to send to one of my customers. When I called, I was told the delivery charge would be refunded after I filled out paperwork. When I explained it wasn’t the refund I needed, but the package to be delivered by the next morning, the UPS customer service idiot said “that’s not a problem, if you resend the item using next day air, morning delivery, it will be there 9 am, guaranteed.” So when I said “I assume UPS pays for that being it will cost $97.00, as opposed to 8.95 my original shipment cost,” the idiot said “oh, no, why should we pay for it, after all, it’s not considered lost for 7 days.”
    But it gets better. When I told them I was closing my corporate account the idiot said “thank you for choosing UPS, have a pleasant day!”
    You hit the nail on the head. So many companies spend billions on ads and technology and fail to realize how important customer service is. Here is an idea for the Repman. Call “help me howard” at ch. 11 in NY and teach UPS a lesson about the power of the media. If you need some help, this old PR vet might be able to help 🙂