And the winner of the annual NFL/Chick-Fil-A End Zone Entertainment Competition is Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers

I think the NFL is missing a huge marketing and sponsorship opportunity by not capitalizing on end zone dancing. The increasingly more creative and bizarre jigs being performed by touchdown-scoring wide receivers like Steve Smith, Santana Moss and the notorious T.O. never cease to amaze and delight me.1_1

So, why not take a page out of the NBA play book? They make a big deal out of the slam dunk spectacle and build a whole separate event to highlight it at All-Star time (and raise God knows how many extra sponsorship dollars in the process). MLB does the same thing with its home-run derby.

The NFL can trump its fellow leagues by taking the end zone competition to a whole new level. Schedule it at half-time of the Super Bowl. Bring in the top performers from each team and let them have at it. Pull together a judging committee that hold up score cards after each dance, moon walk, marriage proposal, phone call to an agent, impersonation of a waiter, etc. Judges should come from the entertainment world a la American Idol, since the wide receivers’ dance routines are the equal of anything we see on Broadway or the silver screen. Just imagine a panel of Paula Abdul, Dave Chappelle and Lindsey Lohan debating the creativity, athleticism and virtuosity of each receiver’s routine. Talk about priceless.

So, here’s a plea to the NFL: wake up and capitalize on what your players are providing you. Take it to the next level, find the right sponsors and judges, and I guarantee the sponsorship and advertising dollars will pour in. And the fans will love it. Besides, you need to replace those lost revenues after cancelling the $18 million Levitra contract.

Hey Steve, Santana and T.O., "are you guys ready to get down?

3 thoughts on “And the winner of the annual NFL/Chick-Fil-A End Zone Entertainment Competition is Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers

  1. I no longer watch the day long Super Bowl pre-game show but years ago the NFL did have an entertainment contest for best dancer/singer that was shown during the week a few days before the game. Don’t know what its current status is. This would be great for Miller Brewing Company. They already have commercials involving officials. Celebrities dressed as officials could serve as judges. Players (linemen) can be penalized for having their “backfields” in motion. Also, there have been players who have sung the national anthem before. Wouldn’t it be nice to get chorus of NFL players to sing the anthem who are not involved in the Super Bowl game? Would have a new meaning to Pro Bowl.

  2. I’ve always thought that professional sports lacks emotion and character, in part because of the “unsportsmanlike” conduct rules. What is wrong with doing a little victory dance? Yeah, pointing at the other player and taunting them may be over the line, but this ain’t sumo wrestling. Sports should be about fun, and I wish the NFL would just get over themselves and lighten up. After all, the cheerleaders dance when the team scores, right?