NASCAR is one sport that doesn’t start my motor

In this interregnum between the Super Bowl and opening day of Major League Baseball, many fans turn to other so-called sports for their entertainment high.

There’s golf, of course (which is a skill, not a sport, as far as I’m concerned). And the NBA and NHL, which are obviously sports. But, how about the coverage we’re seeing of such other "skills" as bowling, poker and, my personal bete noir, NASCAR?

I just don’t "get" these so-called sports. Nor do I "get" the intense interest among viewers to watch these incredibly boring events on TV.

NASCAR races are the ones that totally baffle me. Could there be anything less interesting than watching a bunch of cars circle a track hour after hour?

I’ll never forget attending the Pocono 500 for a client many moons ago. When I arrived and saw the countless Confederate battle flags mounted on top of RVs parked on the track infield, I thought I’d made a mistake and, instead, wandered into a re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. But the overpowering noise soon disavowed of that misconception. As I stood around with the clients and their customers, I found that, try as I might, I just could not connect with the race. Hour after hour the cars, painted to resemble their corporate sponsors, whizzed around the same circle. And, it was that "sameness" that wore me out. I couldn’t wait to leave.

So, what am I missing? What’s with ABC’s and ESPN’s love affair with NASCAR? I know the sport is a religion South of the Mason-Dixon line and that corporations are flocking to reach this demographic, but what’s the attraction?

Maybe if I’d tinkered with carburetors as a kid, I’d know the answer. Then again, maybe not.

One thought on “NASCAR is one sport that doesn’t start my motor

  1. Personally, I think NASCAR is for morons, but to a certain extent that fear of calamity is what draws alot of people to most sports. Let’s face it, how exciting is a flawless ski jumper? See one. See another. And another. Get’s boring. Remember the now classic “agony of defeat” footage ABC ran for decades? That’s what draws ’em in.