ESPN’s freeze-frame shows these Knicks have no knack

I was watching ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning as I jogged away on the treadmill. ESPN had gotten to number 9 in their daily "Top 10" countdown of yesterday’s best plays when the screen froze.

Experiencing some sort of technical glitch, the ESPN screen was frozen right in the middle of a Washington Wizards fast break against the NY Knicks. Not caring much about either team, I started to daydream. Within a few minutes, though, I noticed that the same still image remained on the screen.

So, I studied it. And, the more I examined it, the more I saw (was this a round ball equivalent of the DaVinci Code?). What I saw was truly dramatic. The frozen image showed eight players at half-court. Three were on the right, and were leading the Wizards’ fast break. The other five, all Knicks, were on the left side of the screen. Where were the two other Wizards? Under the Knicks basket, of course, waiting for a pass to score an easy two points.

And I thought to myself: what a perfect microcosm of the Knicks’ sorry season. The NBA’s highest-paid team is also the laziest. And, ESPN showed it all in perfect freeze frame. These lazy, lethargic, lumbering Knicks were caught in the act, taking their sweet-ass time getting back to protect their basket. The Wizards, already up 12-4, were about to pad their lead with another easy score against an indifferent opponent.

The entire Knicks organization should be disbanded. It’s not only rotten at the core, it’s rotten at the top, middle and lower levels. Their malaise goes far beyond image and reputation, since both already stink.

It’s time to tear down the team and start over. But, Messrs. Dolan, Thomas and Brown need to go first. Because, without a change at the top, Knicks fans will just see more of the same freeze-frame Knicks without a knack next season.

2 thoughts on “ESPN’s freeze-frame shows these Knicks have no knack

  1. The Guy “Briz” is pretty easy to figure many nets fans are also in PR ๐Ÿ™‚
    Briz- wanna go for a win-win ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more RepMan. The Nets turnaround can be attributed to their change in ownership pre-Ratner. They used to be owned by a group of individuals who knew nothing about bball and the product they put on the court suffered as a result.
    Then, with new ownership in place, they hired Rod Thorn (the man responsible for drafting Michael Jordan) and it’s been all peaches and cream in the swamp ever since.
    To be honest, I love watching the Knicks suffer. Here’s to hoping they keep I.Thomas on-board:) Boy, is he the worst…