Have the Mets already won the World Series? Their new team song would lead you to believe so

My favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, have just introduced a new team song, entitled, "Our team. Our time." It debuted at last night’s game in which the Metropolitans were absolutely drubbed by their old nemesis, the Atlanta Braves.  Nymets3dlogo

Put simply, the new Mets song is just plain awful (click the link above and take a listen for yourself). The "Our team. Our time" lyrics are boastful beyond belief and speak of being our boys of summer as being "…number one" and "…the real deal." True, the blue and orange do sport MLB’s best record and, true, they really have acquired some interesting and talented new players. But, boasting of being number one thirteen games into a 162 game season reminds me of what GM’s Chairman Bob Lutz did last week when he proclaimed General Motors would not only survive but, indeed, be more successful and more profitable within five years’ time than at any point in its gloried past. Yeah, sure.

Sadly, the urban strutting and boasting in the new Mets song simply doesn’t ring true and certainly isn’t backed up by the team’s performance in recent seasons (two key prerequisites in any re-positioning or image campaign). Beyond that, though, I have to raise one final question: what was wrong with the team’s original song, entitled: "Meet the Mets"? For me, that tune always conjures up all the good, the bad and the ugly of the past 40-plus seasons, and makes me want to root as hard as ever for today’s bunch of Metsies. As for "Our team. Our time", let’s wait for October before we start the celebrating.

Hat tip to Tom Powers for this idea.

13 thoughts on “Have the Mets already won the World Series? Their new team song would lead you to believe so

  1. Maria, I share your passion for the Mets. My blog simply stated what I felt was a fact: at that point in time, the Mets had nothing on which to base their marketing boast. Now they do. And, I do hope they go all the way.

  2. well lets see…is everyone eating there words…we are in first place…and the mets are the best…so (expletive deleted)…everyone…and LETS GO METS….
    yankees suck

  3. I am pretty sure what everyone is forgetting is that this is sports. Being realistic is never the characteristic of a diehard sports fan. What should our song say “Lets go for second place because odds are Braves are going to win again” I am a diehard Mets fan and this new dedication to winning at any cost has me very pumped. I think we are among the league’s elite and I am happy the confidence we are showing. Yankees are no different in gloating about their team and there is nothing worse than a mets fan having to listen to it. USA Today, a national newspaper, did a piece about the changing of the guard in New York. If they are talking about how good we are than why can’t we. Now we have equivalent teams in NY (although I believe the mets are slightly better) so let us have our fun because “it’s our time”.

  4. Andy, Andy, Andy, your choice in baseball teams rivals your choice in clients. It’s no coincidence that, while with P’com, you were assigned to manage our then-thriving “criminals and ex-con’s’ practice.

  5. i second that james. and come september yours truly will be sipping sonoma cutrer on repman’s dime for the third consecutive year.

  6. Dr. Harte et al:
    A song that includes Wagner? He’s only been on the team for a couple of months…plus, he will end up losing the games that count for you down the stretch…just wait and see.
    Watch out for my guys here in Philly. Once they fire this clueless manager (hoping by Memorial Day) the young talent, along with veterans who need to prove themselves (again) will pick up their play and teach y’all a lesson.
    That is all.

  7. I’m as gung ho about the 2006 Mets as the next fan and haven’t had a chance to listen to the new theme song that everyone is upset about, but I just hope Omar leaves well enough alone and doesn’t mess with with Mr. Met!

  8. Dick: A song including a FULL LIST of current players? Oh that would be catchy.

  9. As a former Brooklyn Dodger fan and now a Met believer I find it interesting that the new song does not mention a full list of the current players. What happened to Wagner, DeLuca, Glavine etc.? The Dodgers would never have only mentioned the privileged few. The current Mets need a lot more than a new song to take them all the way. Let’s see where they are by July 4th.

  10. What? Are you telling me the Mets didn’t already close up the NL East after the first two weeks of the season? I could have sworn that the pennant race was over judging from everything I had heard…
    That said, I’m never a big fan of team songs or mottos, unless they’re something that’s been around for a long time. I don’t understand the “Why Not Us?” and “Don’t Stop Believin” stuff. Silly, and I think most people see right through it.
    “Just win, baby.”

  11. As a former high school cheerleader, I cheered for teams that weren’t the best and sometimes far from it. However, I would always cheer “Go Trojans, #1!” This (though not exactly true) was deemed harmless – only working to pump up the team and the fans. The point I want to make is though the Mets may be getting ahead of themselves, it never hurts to boost morale.

  12. I’d have to agree with you on this one, Steve. Not because I’m a Yankees fan, but to your point, it’s dangerous to be sending such a message so early on. It’s blatant self promotion. Like you say, it’s WAY too early in the season to come out with such a mantra. Typically, the Mets do fair well early on in the season…it’s later on that they begin to get in trouble (and the Yanks typically work the opposite). It’s the silent sleepers – such as the White Sox last year – that gain respect and admiration of fans. I think this song will come back to bite them as soon as they start losing (I can hear the parodies on Z100 already), and I think the person who came up with the idea of this song should be fired seeing how they have no solid ground to support such lyrics.

  13. Clearly they are going after the pants-crotch-at-your-knees-sideways-cocked-ball-cap-big-fat-bling-hanging-from-your-neck crowd. If anything assured my allegiance to the Yankees this is it. And I don’t think the Mets will miss having “my type” as a fan.