I hear it’s your birthday

Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday is a big news item here in the States. And, while I consider myself quite the Anglophile, I have to admit I just don’t get the adulation. Queen_and_repman

Is there a more unimportant major figure in the world today than the Queen? Is there an institution any more irrelevant than the monarchy? With all of the mega problems we deal with every day, why is the Queen’s 80th birthday sharing the spotlight with Iraq, soaring oil prices and the last minute foiling of another possible Columbine disaster?

I know the Queen and the Royal Family are wrapped up in Britain’s overall "image," but it seems to me the time and money spent to maintain this antediluvian autocrat could be much better spent in other ways. That said, happy birthday Liz, and many, many more.

5 thoughts on “I hear it’s your birthday

  1. It looks like it’s time for a bit of British perspective here. After being the Head of State for over 50 years the Queen has been an ever present figure in the lives of most British people. She is a private person that takes the her public position very seriously. It is this mix of professionalism and dedication to Britain and its constitution along with the intrigue created by not knowing who the ‘real’ Queen is that ensures her popularity. It is impossible to disagree with the Queen and she rarely expresses an opinion publicly, something that Charles has not learned the value of. Also, what is often forgotten is the Queen is not merely some tourist attraction pampered in large palaces. She plays and integral role at the centre of British politics and life. Her weekly meetings with the Prime Minister (ten of them so far) provides decades of experience for a British leader. The public celebration of the Queen’s 80th birthday has been a genuine expression of affection for what can be cheesily described as the nation’s favourite grandmother. The celebrations are also tinged with a nostalgic celebration of yesteryear, but whatever the case, the Queen reaching 80 is something of a big deal, and a welcome dose of ‘happy’ news among reams of stories about Iraq, Columbine or oil prices.

  2. Yes, it was all a bit bizarre. The British monarchy are probably on shaky ground after the death of Liz 2, there’s not much public appetite for her hapless son.

  3. David, Repman is a tyrannical monarch and has beheaded subjects for lesser offenses than this. Tread carefully, young man. Tread carefully.

  4. With Repman’s 80th birthday on the horizon I will take note to keep any festivties to a stark minimum. Would a birthday card be OK?

  5. The Queen’s job is pretty much the same as a queen bee or queen ant in the insect world- that is to lay eggs and found new colonies. Since founding a new colony in today’s world isn’t any more in the cards than Elizabeth coming up with another egg I say she pass the scepter to Charles Philip Arthur George.