Bubble Boy Risks his Life and Saves us from Reality

The New York Times reported today that during the week David Blaine spent submerged in a water-David_blaine filled sphere in Lincoln Center, 11 people were murdered in New York, the war in Iraq continued, a suicide bomber killed 16 police recruits in Falluja and a helicopter crash killed 10 soldiers in Afghanistan. But yet, Blaine’s waterlogged body remained a top news story and attracted thousands of spectators to see the bubble boy in action (or lack thereof.) At the end of his week living in a fish tank, Blaine attempted the impossible – holding his breath to the point where he almost died to beat some world record. Now there’s a noble cause.

Are we really that desperate for a distraction in today’s world that we succumb to watching a stuntman’s skin shrivel up? It seems as though almost every local and national news outlet is. Not only is there a two hour television special, but it was the top news story covered. After reading about the many important events that were taking place last week, I’m sure I heard more about Blaine’s stunt than all of those combined. It’s a shame.

After being treated by emergency technicians, Blaine managed to utter the words "I love you" to the crowd. I think the general public loves him too – for allowing us to escape the harsh realities of today’s world with a little pointless, but nonetheless, life-threatening publicity stunt.

19 thoughts on “Bubble Boy Risks his Life and Saves us from Reality

  1. jimmy jimmy jimmy. if you aren’t the lunch pail then i apologize, but it sure seems that you are. after all, there was the CES reference, the financial pr stuff- how many others could it be?
    in terms of me, once again you talk with so little knowledge. actually you talk with no knowledge. your comments are so far off base and are so childish that they don’t justify a response. as the repman likes to offer as a pr tactic, maybe you need a little grassroots educational campaign to help you.

  2. can’t we all just get along? it’s great to offer up opposing views, but all of this bickering is getting a little old (and repetitive). At the rate this dialogue is progressing, we’re not far from the “yo mama” jokes. The comment moderation feature is always an option. that said, I must say I’m really enjoying everyone’s participation on here. even you I-man!! Keep it coming.

  3. briza-
    you are great! keep up the good work.
    g-d i miss the good old days at peppercom!

  4. Lunch-
    You dropped a few too many clues along the way…so I don’t think I am mistaking who you are.

  5. MSE,
    I don’t know where you’re coming from, or who you’ve mistaken me for, but you are making a house call to the wrong guy.
    You’re right…it is a free blogsphere and you can post whatever you wish. Just do as the rest of us, and make your comments as interesting as the topics and responses we are posting.
    Lunch boy.

  6. Briza (interesting moniker, btw):
    The thing is, Fat Man Walking is about a person. Not a product. He did it becuase he gained so much weight by sitting in front of his PC all day and blogging while he should have been pushing, oh let’s say, some medical supplies.
    So, there was no budget. There was no agency behind this. Otherwise, when they mentioned the socks he wore through, or the sneakers he wore out, providers of those goods would have surely done their best to have been plugged.
    So, we’re comparing apples and oranges here. I think both sides are right and wrong.
    I’m hungry. To the cafeteria…
    Lunch boy.

  7. Question to all – if the 400 lb. man came to you and said I have $200k (excluding out of pocket expenses:) and would like you to support my journey would you take that account on?

  8. Support what, exactly? He keeps telling Rep and others “you’ve missed my point, i disagree, why haven’t you commented on my last blog?” Christ, the guy sounds like a broken record (he’s not even swift enough to be compared to a broken CD or a MP3). No one owes you a response to your half-baked blogs, dude. It’s apparent he likes to post garbage just to see how riled up other will get.
    Maybe that’s why he’s no longer in the PR industry? Becuase he can’t communicate. I’ll give him props that he can argue and make an ass out of himself though. Maybe that’s why he’s entered the medical supply field – so that he can easily drug himself and the others he’s annoyed to keep them from going bonkers.
    And, maybe i could have in the past, but I can’t agree with you now, because the stories I place (rarely need to pitch any longer) are all based on finance. Not much room for fluff when it comes to dollars and cents…right?

  9. Makes sense, Lunch. But I must support gauze pad boy on this one. We, as PR practitioners, need to be accountable for what we pitch to the media. It’s easy to sit back and critique what the media is reporting on. However, more often than not, we are bud of the problem, the professionals who are filtering fluffy story ideas/pr stunts to the media.
    Unfortunately, it comes down to dollars and cents, if a prospective client has the resources, ‘most’ agencies will support any project that comes through the doors.
    Where do you draw the line? Yes, you can provide counsel to your client about angles and such. But, let’s be serious… we all know that most of the time we’re peddling non-newsworthy items to the press. So, we’re at fault here too being that we’re an integral part of the news cycle process.

  10. Medical Guy:
    Just think of all the syringes you could selling if you weren’t glued to this blog. For a guy who doesn’t care for the PR industry much, you seem to be spending a lot of time on RepMan’s site.
    As for the debate of a 400-pounder walking x-country vs. a piece on electronics, well, it’s this simple: Fat Man Walking is news (albeit not-so-good) that is happening NOW. Most segments on electronics are evergreen thus they can wait (unless it is story from the CES show floor).
    Lunch boy.

  11. ann-
    interesting point about disagreeing without being an ass…why don’t u try reading how your employees and superiors at pcom have responded to me in the past. give the advice at home before you spread it outside the house.
    in terms of responding to me, that it what we call a cop out answer…you cant even think of arguing which story you would rather have to pitch- a 400 pound man walking across country or a new battery or dvd player. so to say that fat man walking annoys you is to say that it annoys you that you weren’t the one who got the story to pitch nor the results he did.

  12. I-Guy (I just can’t make myself use the word man),
    First of all, you can disagree with someone’s comment without being an ass about it. Nice to know that although your perspective may have changed, your personality hasn’t.
    I would respond to your comment if I respected you and your point of view enough to do so, but honestly I can’t be bothered.

  13. I have to admit that I watched the tail end of the blaine special only to see if this wacko would kill himself for some stupid record. But I am not the only one-apparently millions of other Americans did the same thing.
    But that begs the question of “what is more important” to news producers- telling us how x amount of people were killed in Iraq today or how some guy spent a week in water. In theory, the story about lives being lost is much more important, but I think people are sick of hearing the same thing everyday. Instead, the news chose to report what the people want to hear and watch, and they do that for the ratings. Like everything else, the news is a business and the better the ratings, the better they do. So how can you fault the news for trying to better their bottom line?
    In terms of Ann’s comment, I think you come across as disgruntled PR person. First off, the guy who walked across the entire country is a great human interest story, so I’m sure many would agree that his story appeals to a bigger audience than whatever great story du jour you are trying to pitch. One of the things I realized after leaving PR is that too often PR people get so wrapped up in their topic or client that think that the story they are trying to pitch is more important than anything else in the news. So Ann, take a look from the other side for a minute and think about the draw of a 400 pound man walking across the country vs. whatever new DVD player or the like you are pitching today and you tell me what appeals to a larger audience?

  14. Of course, as PR people we might add that idiots like Blaine and the media so obsessed with covering him (and that Fat Man Walking; He’s the one who annoys me.), any chance of our trying to pitch stories that actually have some merit go by the board.

  15. Had he been wearing a Sector watch or had the Yahoo logo emblazoned on the tank it would have been time well-spent, but drowning for drowning’s sake is just wack.