CEO misconduct is becoming an everyday occurrence

How sad is it to read about one bogus CEO after another lying, cheating or just plain misbehaving? Along with the erosion of trust in our religious, government, sports and entertainment "leaders," what’s happening in big business is clearly fanning the flames of an overall feeling of angst and hopelessness in America.

The latest CEO crisis comes from New England and involves Brian Keane, the founder and top kick of his eponymous, fast-growing, publicly traded computer company. While the allegations are vague, they involve "misbehavior" and were serious enough for the board to step in and ask Keene to step out.

Happily, the Keene board acted responsibly. As did the Radio Shack board when its CEO was caught lying about his college credentials. I’m still amazed and appalled, though, by what’s not happening at Raytheon, whose board is impersonating the proverbial deer caught in the headlights in the wake of its CEOs blatant plagiarism of other authors’ works.

We need accountability in the worst way right now. For whatever reason, societal or otherwise, personal accountability seems to have gone the way of the carrier pigeon, dodo bird and T. Rex. It’s become extinct. And, I’m not sure how to ever bring it back.

It’s great to see some boards step up to the plate and hold the misbehaving executives accountable. But a similar mechanism seems to be missing entirely in every other sector of society.

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