Gentlemen, start your (Honda) engines

GM and Ford took yet another image and reputation black eye over Memorial Day weekend with the announcement that all 33 Indianapolis 500 drivers have opted for Honda engines in their race cars.

This is a great example of what we in the PR biz always say, namely: "…that the best marketing/PR in the world won’t overcome a second-rate company, product or service." So, while I’m sure Rick Waggoner, Bill Ford and the other uber-Execs in Detroit are pressuring their PR staffers (and agencies) to figure out how best to spin this negative news, the fact is the market always decides what’s good and what isn’t. And, the drivers have all chosen Honda and Toyota engines in recent years.

It’s sad to say, but right now, Detroit’s product simply isn’t any good, which is why it didn’t cross under any checkered flags this holiday weekend.

Hat tip to Tom Powers for this idea.

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