I wonder if the just-discovered solar system has a planet and a PR industry like ours?

European astronomers have detected a new solar system in the constellation Puppis (always one of my favorite constellations, btw) that is remarkably similar to our own. And, guess what? The third planet in this new solar system just might have the right ingredients for life.

So, borrowing a page from one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, I wonder if this third planet in the constellation Puppis might have spawned a "bizarro" version of our present-day public relations world on Earth?

On Bizarro planet, the reality of our PR world would be the exact opposite. So, for example:

1) Bizarro mainstream media would not only acknowledge they get most of their story ideas fromPlanetary_system_1   public relations pros, they’d thank them as well.

2) The Bizarro PR industry would reflect the ethnic diversity of the third planet’s population.

3) In the Bizarro PR world, corporate purchasing managers would focus on what they do best: get the lowest possible prices for office supplies and furniture.

4) On Bizarro, prospective clients would be "up front and honest" with agencies competing for their business. If the CEO has a relationship with the head of one of the agencies, it would be disclosed in advance. If a global manufacturer says it’s tired of the way it’s been treated by its present big agency partner, but still feels a multinational presence is critical, then they wouldn’t invite smaller agencies into the pitch and make them fruitlessly spin their wheels.

5) Bizarro clients would pay agencies in advance of each month’s work.

6) Bizarro world Fortune 500 CEO’s would understand the bottom-line contributions of PR and routinely extend that coveted "seat at the table."

7) Bizarro PR world awards’ dinners would be brief and to the point.

8) And, last but not least, the Bizarro world edition of the New York Times would have a daily column devoted to public relations in recognition of the fact that it has grown more important and strategic than advertising.

So, who wants to help me charter a spaceship to Bizarro PR world? I’m pretty sure your frequent flier miles will cover most of the cost.

6 thoughts on “I wonder if the just-discovered solar system has a planet and a PR industry like ours?

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Geoff. Here’s one more for Bizarro world:
    Bizarro world’s religions would preach tolerance and acceptance of one another’s beliefs, and there would be no policy, legislation or war started as a direct result of fundamentalist religious beliefs.

  2. RepMan, this blog consistently has the perfect balance of relevant news and opinions with hilarity that makes for solid reading everyday. So thanks for that. Oh yeah, here are some Bizarro revelations that we’d find (not necessarily pertaining to PR)
    – Bizarro movie industry’s most well-known superstar would publicly confess his admiration and respect for the practice of medicine and science while condemning the majority fictionologists who seek to bring them down.
    – Bizarro elite athletes would appreciate their unique, god-given talent as the reason they get to make millions to play a child’s game and put competition into perspective before considering what it takes to be successful.

  3. Ann — if you’re referring to the press, it’s “fourth estate,” not third.
    You’re welcome.

  4. Folks, what has happened to the comment section recently? There used to be days where there were 20 or so comments about a post, now we are lucky to get a comment or two. Let’s huddle up as a group and get some action going for the rep guy.

  5. Even Bizarro Repman wouldn’t praise the upside down logic of gauze boy.

  6. Can’t believe you’ve had no comments on this today, RepMan. Figured at least that someone would say that in the Bizarro World, RepMan would devote his blog to praising the PR industry and the third estate. And maybe medical equipment suppliers.