3 thoughts on “RepChatter show #10 posted

  1. rep- i am not the one who is crying about big oil companies making money. sure, like the next guy i hate the fact that it costs me almost 100.00 a week in gas, but we all have a choice. we can all stop driving and the price would drop. apparently you just wanna complain about things instead of taking action…

  2. I-man, I think you’re the one with “size” issues that must relate to some personal shortcomings of one kind or another. If you think what the oil companies are doing to America is a simple case of supply and demand then you are indeed using those medical supplies to self-medicate.

  3. Just listened to the rep chatter and kudos to Ted! Rep, your opinion could not be more wrong. What you are suggesting is to wipe out one of the most basic pillars of American business. The gas problem is economics 101- supply and demand. If you don’t like it, don’t buy gas. If all consumers stopped buying gas then prices would drop. If we keep buying and supply is low, prices will go up. Plain and simple.
    It’s a real shame that all you want to do (like I have said before) is to keep blaming the big guy- whether it’s the big agencies or big oil.