RepChatter Show #12 posted

Ted and I discuss the present state of journalism and the influence that newspaper owners have on shaping editorial content.

This discussion is centered around recent news that Brian Tierney, a former PR executive with Repchat2_6 political connections in Philadelphia, purchased the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News for $562 million.

Will Tierney, a PR guy known for his right wing political support, be tempted to meddle in the news coverage? Will his influence over two top papers in Philadelphia ultimately erode the competitive counter balance?

7 thoughts on “RepChatter Show #12 posted

  1. I totally agree with you, Ludacris (love the name). And while I welcome the change politically, it will be intersting to see how many of his clients receive fluff pieces in the business section. That is the one thing that has this flack thinking. Will he appoint a SVP from his firm to act as an Ombudsman? Should the city’s business community demand that he does? What does the PRSA and other groups in the industry have to say about this?
    You two joked about buying the Daily News (why not the Post?). Tho things: can I be your ombudsman (love the title/job description), and how would you handle telling clients that most annoucements wouldn’t recieve ink?
    Food for thought.

  2. Jimmy – I would bet the house that his views and opinions will filter down to the newsroom, and it will influence editorial content over time.

  3. Nice thinking, James. Let us kick it around and get back to you and others.

  4. I am reposting my comment about the latest RepChatter here becuase you can only see it when you actually visit the link and hear the show. This is a very important topic, PR People, and one that should be discussed.
    As for a call-in, it might be cool if you guys posted what your topic was going to be before hand, and then allow (or select) callers to take part. The selection process would hopefully stall MSE from making his voice heard instead of just read…j/k I-man.
    Rep, Ludacris:
    Good show. It was a real pleasure to listen to you two while enjoying my coffee and bagel this AM. Also, this is a great medium for your both since you each have a face for radio. Just a joke there…
    I’m in complete agreement that the newsrooms here in Philly must be feeling a bit queasy about their new boss.
    Another thing I can tell you is that Philly is a Democratic city through and through…so, it will be interesting to see if Brian’s viewpoints do filter into the newsroom. Over years, will that swing the mentality of this great city? I certainly hope so, actually, because the Democrats here haven’t done many positive things in town.
    It will be an intersting show to watch, from the public relations/journalism standpoint and also as a casual observer of politics.
    jimmy the moock