How about a blogger-in-chief cabinet level position?

As our country approaches yet another July 4th celebration, we have much to be proud of. At the same time, though, from an image and reputation standpoint, we’re probably not the most popular country in the world. So if the U.S. were my client, I’d advise an immediate grass roots education program that was open, honest and consistent. I’d propose we start communicating not just the good, but the bad and the ugly as well. I’d open up an honest dialogue with countries/people around the globe.

As part of my total communications program for the U.S., I’d create a blog for the government in which we posted daily comments about our thoughts and policies, and engaged in an interactive dialogue with friend and foe alike. The best companies are open and honest with their constituents, and the smartest ones are leveraging the blogosphere to create new relationships based on trust.

So, while it may be totally naïve on my part, why not establish a cabinet-level "blogger-in-chief" position, appoint a Tony Snow type-communicator to post thoughts and let him/her loose to criticize or praise the government, explain why we do the things we do, and, critically, respond to comments from others who post their thoughts. It works for IBM, Apple and Microsoft, so why not for the US?

7 thoughts on “How about a blogger-in-chief cabinet level position?

  1. agreed..i have yet to eat breakfast or lunch today..probably didnt help that i came straight from the golf course to the office…

  2. A French Dip, of course. Roast Beef, horseraddish, mayo, some swiss cheese (not needed), on a fresh kaiser with pickles on the side. They’re the best. Ice cold coke and maybe a bag of chips.
    And, ‘Lunch boy’ is a fine name. It keeps me feeling young, it is not intended to boost my own ego (like by adding ‘executive’ to a name probabaly does), and I firmly believe that more people should enjoy their lunches. We can fight about the 30-second spot, corporate scandals, repuation management, etc. till our faces fall off. However, if more people were better fed and having these discussions on a full belly, I think we’d get some great discussions going.

  3. i wonder why the lunch boy hasn’t become a lunch man yet? or maybe even follow my footsteps and become a lunch executive.

  4. My favorite lunchtime activity is to work out, lunch boy. Only after that will I indulge in some some sort of light meal. How about you?

  5. Point taken. But what I really want to know is: what is your favorite lunch??

  6. Maybe, lunch boy.maybe not.but, just imagine the heightened credibility the Bush Administration would have here and abroad if a high-level, objective insider started posting comments on various policies? Suppose it was actually balanced? Suppose he or she acted in much the same way the ombudsman at the NY Times does (patting some reporters on the back while chastising others for sloppy research, etc.). Such a person may not change the course we’re on, but I guarantee he or she would make a lot more friends for us overseas. And, right now, the U.S. can use every friend we can find.

  7. I agree that it works in business, but in politics it will most likely become another avenue for the two parties to bitch and bash. With bureaucrats involved the blog would surely fill up fast – with hot air.