Mickelson Drives Callaway’s Rep Right Off Course

You might have to be a golf fan to understand the enormity of Phil Mickelson’s complete mental meltdown suffered on the 18th and final hole at the 106th US Open at Winged Foot yesterday. But you don’t have to be a golf fan to understand the reputation issues that Lefty is causing for Callaway Golf this morning.

Last year, Callaway introduced their 2 new FT-3 Drivers with technology that used various weighting systems to help even the average golfer hit their driver straight. If you generally hit the ball right, you could buy a weighted club that made the ball go left, and vice versa. Problem was that the market wasn’t that excited and Callaway saw lackluster sales results. However, when Mickelson won this year’s Masters several months ago, they got an amazing break as he used both drivers in various circumstances to help him win the Major. Immediately, Callaway reintroduced the clubs with Phil as their poster boy using not one, but both of their clubs to win one of golf’s most coveted prizes- the Green Jacket.

Today, Callaway wakes up with a major headache as Mickelson essentially had yesterday’s US Open5706720_7_2  won as he stepped onto the Tee at 18. All he had to do was make Par and the championship was his. As he got ready for his last tee shot and pulled the driver out of the bag, the TV announcers immediately questioned why he was hitting the very driver he had trouble with all day, and why he wasn’t opting to go with a "safer" club. If you watch any news or sports show, you know what happened next as Phil hit a horrible shot into a tent and put himself into bad position which caused a chain of poor shots that cost him the championship.

Everything Callaway had gained at Augusta was now gone in one drive. That choice and subsequent shot are already being called one of the biggest chokes in sports history and the golf world is abuzz this morning with Lefty’s mental meltdown. In a press conference, he said he was an "idiot" and openly questioned his club choice. The real question now is if golfers will give Calloway a mulligan or will the reputation of the FT-3 Driver become part of the biggest chokes in sports history.

Hat tip to Isaac Farbowitz for this post.

7 thoughts on “Mickelson Drives Callaway’s Rep Right Off Course

  1. How many people will be watching the next time he pulls his FT-3 out of his bag in a major? Is there such a thing as bad publicity?
    As a lefty I’ve always wanted to play like Mickelson and now I do.

  2. What’s next? The guy who got into the car accident with Big Ben is receiving death threats, and now we’re going to blame an inanimate object on Phil’s losing the U.S. Open. Nice.

  3. BTM-
    its been quite a while since we played. being that my game has not got better, do you have any interest in a little outing- you give me 10 strokes and we play for the X-Pcom Championship?

  4. As someone who has played golf with the “Medical Supply Executive,” I think he should not be commenting on anyone’s game! Just kidding, I-Man.
    Speaking of reputation, the real winner coming out of Winged Foot was the United States Golf Association. Each year, the USGA hosts various events (including the Amatuer Championship) which fosters interest in the game. Many say the US Open is supposed to be the ultimate test of one’s golf game, pushing even the best to brink. Their selection of Winged Foot Golf Club was a hole-in-one.

  5. but that is where you are wrong. calloway tied the FT-3 into Lefty and he gave them the royal shaft in the national spotlight. even someone who is proven is no guarantee. as i said before, celebrity endorsements are a gamble, so whether its an AJ Hawk or Lefty Mickelson, they are still a gamble. That is why its no different in the under armour case, or calloway’s.

  6. I-man, that’s the problem with celebrity endorsement. The company’s product or service is too closely connected with the athlete. That’s fine with a proven commodity like Mickelson (so, in other words, I don’t see this as being a big deal). But Under Armour’s decision to co-brand with unproven NFL draft choices is quite another. Just imagine if Peppercom had decided to highlight the young, unproven Isaac Farbowitz in a series of trade ads? Where might we now? Would we even be in business?

  7. come on rep, you think that one mistake by lefty can cause that much damage to calloway? oh woops, that was my post 🙂
    seriously though, he made a major goof that cost him dearly. he obviously can’t blame the driver, but the fact is that calloway put so many marketing dollars into Phil and the FT-3 and now it could all be for waste.