RepChatter Show #17 posted

Ted and I discuss the news that Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, the struggling sparkling water maker, has agreed to star in its own reality TV show in an effort to revitalize the brand. Is this a smart move on Clearly Canadian’s part, or is the proposed series (if it gets picked up by a network) going to bomb and ultimately damage the brand even further?

Additionally, General Motors comes back into the discussion as Ted and I talk about GM’s recent move to offer $1.99 per gallon gas rebates to anyone who purchases a GM SUV. What are the implications of this since the company is trying to position itself as being environmentally friendly?


One thought on “RepChatter Show #17 posted

  1. One quick thing about Clearly Canadian. I was just watching ESPN News and Steve Nash, a Canadian-born, NBA Leauge MVP, was telling his interviewer about his newest endorsement, Clearly Canadian. Apparently, in addition to trying their hand in reality TV, Clearly Canadian enlisted the help of the famous Canadian athlete. In the interview, Nash went on and on about how Clearly Canadian is under new ownership, the company’s philanthropic intentions, and the overall improvement of the corporation. Even if their reality TV idea goes south, it seems they have other tricks up their sleeves.