Talk about a powerful threesome: the Web, word-of-mouth and PR are helping to make one guy’s dream come true

UK-based Richard Green shares a fantasy not too dissimilar from that of many other guys around the world: he’d like to have a threesome with his girlfriend and another woman. To his surprise, though, Green’s girlfriend gave him the "green" light if, and only if, he was able to create a Web site and attract 5 million hits. Strange, I know, but read on.

Thanks to a combination of word-of-mouth and public relations, Green has already attractedPleasemak_1 more than 2 million-plus visitors to

I found out about it by listening to a newsbrief on National Public Radio this morning. According to NPR, tens of thousands of people around the world are passing the URL along to their friends, making Green and his Web site one of the hottest items on the worldwide web. is yet another stark example of the power of the web. But, it’s an even greater example of how PR and word-of-mouth in tandem can accomplish a desired goal: whether that objective is heightened awareness, creating relationships with customers in a new and different way or, as in Green’s case, achieving a cherished fantasy.

Would any other marketing combination have worked as well? I doubt it. Would I have responded to direct mail, in-store promotions or, god forbid, an advertisement? Nope. But the news report gave Green’s mission all the credibility it needed to pique my curiosity. You can like or dislike what he’s doing, but Green’s clearly a master of 21st century buzz marketing.

9 thoughts on “Talk about a powerful threesome: the Web, word-of-mouth and PR are helping to make one guy’s dream come true

  1. Sorry Jimmy. We just brought on another, much more deserving pro bono client. Maybe the medical supply executive would be willing to donate his publicity prowess to promoting your site. Knowing him, though, he’d probably argue you spend bucks on advertising.

  2. I’d have to find a girlfriend first, Rep. Maybe a site is the way to go tho…time to brainstorm. I’ll probably need some pro bono positioning and PR. You in?

  3. He’s just about halfway there, Jimbo. And he’s done it in no time at all. Maybe you should follow suit? It would certainly give new meaning to the old movie title: “The Philadelphia Experiment.”

  4. I think she is asking for way too much. 5 million hits? Geez…i have a feeling he is going to have “buyer’s remorse” if he ever reaches the goal.

  5. I-man: Figured this would get your attention. Wonder if Dee Dee Lax would be interested? Btw, I’m shocked Jimbo hasn’t weighed in. This has to be right up his alley. He must be mourning the Mets sweep of his beloved Phillies…..

  6. It is clever, Syd. How many clients would die for 2 million hits in less than a week? Hey, maybe the threesome strategy will win a Saber Award next year! I’d enter it in the “Best use of viral marketing to take a personal relationship to the next level: seven days or less” category.

  7. This is a good idea for PR people. Hmmm…how about “”?