To sir with love

How low has our society sunk that former NBA star "Sir" Charles Barkley is now considered a serious candidate to become Alabama’s next governor? Aside from the ego gratification of it, why do actors and jocks get involved in politics? And, more importantly, why do voters take them seriously?Bark

In my mind, the Barkleys, Venturas and Arnolds of the world are taken seriously because:

1.) The current crop of "professional" politicians" may be the worst ever

2.) The best and brightest thinkers in our country avoid political careers because of the intense, pitbull tactics of mudslinging pack journalism

3.) Society seems to be rapidly going to hell in a hand basket and voters probably think a jock or actor couldn’t possibly do worse than the incumbents

And, so, we see the rise of a totally unqualified guy like Sir Charles, who says he is considering a run because "he wants to help people." How noble of him. Sir Charles originally said he was a Republican, but recently changed party affiliations because, he said: "…Republicans have lost their minds."

How statesmanlike.

Is it any wonder our country’s image is as bad as it is when we elect actors, jocks and political hacks to higher office? Is there any way to ever turn back the clock and somehow convince our nation’s truly gifted individuals to commit their lives to public service?

Not never. Not now. The best qualified individuals simply do not want to subject themselves or their families to the intense scrutiny that accompanies any run for public office. So, instead, they choose the private sector and the country is deprived of their abilities. And we are left with Sir Charles thinking about a Alabama gubernatorial run.

What’s next? Derek Jeter running for mayor of New York? Peyton Manning becoming an Indiana congressman?

Having just spent the past few days in San Francisco, I’m both amazed and appalled at the genuine love and support the locals have for a thug like Barry Bonds. Maybe even Barry can look forward to a political career after he breaks Aaron’s home run record next season. After all, I don’t think there’s any mandatory drug testing for political candidates in California. Hey, he could even take on Arnold in a winner take all gubernatorial epic pitting the Terminator against the ‘Roid King.

This sort of insanity can only happen in America.

Hat tip to Chris "Repman Jr." Cody for this idea.

One thought on “To sir with love

  1. I wonder if he will spit on any of his opponents if he does indeed run. Or voters for that matter…