Could American Airlines’ timing be any worse?

So, as millions of travelers, including yours truly, were stuck dealing with the incredibly long lines and delays prompted by yesterday’s foiled terrorist attacks, here comes American Airlines with distribution of an e-mail reminding its customers not to miss out on their sweepstakes promotion!

Could the marketing folks at American be any more clueless or insensitive to world events and peoples’ fears? And, if it wasn’t bad enough, American Airlines was one of the three U.S. carriers targeted.

So, who’s to blame? Was it some unknowing and unsuspecting Summer intern, or someone higher up the marketing ranks? Actually, it doesn’t matter because the buck should stop with the individual who heads Americans’ global marketing.

If I were in his or her shoes, I’d recall that note, postpone the sweepstakes and issue an apology to everyone who was on the receiving end.

It was tough enough to stand on long lines and divest oneself of every possible toiletry item. It was quite another to read a stupid and ill-timed email. Wake up American.

Hat tip to Fran Bainbridge for sending the American email.

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