Optimum Online touched me in inappropriate ways

This past Saturday started off exceedingly well. I’d had a good night’s sleep, woke refreshed, enjoyed a long, relaxing run and looked forward to a day in Red Bank where my wife and I would see a movie and have dinner.

But, then Optimum Online came into my world and began to reach out and touch me in highly inappropriate ways. First, it was a television commercial as I was catching up on last night’s sportsOpton_2   scores. Then, later, as I began reading my latest British murder mystery book, I was subjected to an Optimum Online radio spot. Ok, no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I can deal with two commercials from the same advertiser.

As we drove to Red Bank, though, I spotted not one, but two, hideous billboards proclaiming the benefits of Optimum’s cable and Internet services. The car radio also carried another spot (note to self: get Sirius or XM Radio installed). But, the coup de grace came as we entered the movie theatre and sat down to await the screening of "Little Miss Sunshine" (which is highly overrated btw. Reminded me of "National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation," but not as funny). So, as the screen flickers to light, guess what I see? Another friggin’ Optimum Online commercial!

In less than a half-day, this company had managed to totally invade my private space and intrude on my relaxation time. Not only was their advertising ineffective, it was counter-productive. When will marketers wake up and realize that they need to reach me in smarter, less intrusive ways that I "opt-in" to? If part of their message is speed and another is programming choices, they should figure out smart and strategic marketing programs to reach me when my mind is open to suggestion (i.e. Since I just purchased a BMW M3, what about some sort of co-brand? Since I prefer several series on Showtime and HBO, how about some sort of smart product placement/mentions in "Weeds," "Brotherhood" or "Curb"?).

As for now, I’ve decided to "opt out" of any Optimum Online purchase consideration. Their "integrated" advertising campaign may have reached out and touched me, but rather than a gentle caress, I feel like I’ve been mugged by a cast member of the Sopranos.

2 thoughts on “Optimum Online touched me in inappropriate ways

  1. Med guy: As usual, you’ve simply missed the point of my original comment. Advertising for the sake of advertising and PR for the sake of PR aren’t effective. Which is why “media by the pound” is no longer looked upon as a desirable thing. In point of fact, it’s become increasingly important to reach a prospective consumer in the manner and way in which he or she prefers. The Optimum Online advertising was intrusive and disruptive. It didn’t make me curious or wanting to know more about the service. Rather, it made me NOT want to do business with them. Seems to me the same would hold true for any sort of marketing, even marketing of medical supplies. Make it relevant to me and my lifestlye. Otherwise, don’t bother me.

  2. okay rep, of all the ridiculous posts you have had, this one tops em all. so you are sitting here and bashing advertising and cablevision (who i hate, btw) all b/c they were very effective in doing what they wanted to do- they reached a potential customer on many fronts, multiple times in one day! i don’t have to give you a lesson on marketing and advertising, but this post clearly shows that you simply have it out for advertising- and nothing else. this is a classic case of an ad campaign trying to reach a target audience and hitting a home run- too bad you continue to root for a strikeout!
    by the way, just put this is pr terms for a second to realize how stupid your comment is: so i woke up this morning and heard on the radio about this fabulous new technology from TYCO. then i turn on the TV, and there it was again. so i try to relax and read the paper and unfreakin-real, there it was again. so i throw that out and go to CNN.com and there it is again! so at long, i take a train into the city to grand central, walk out to the main area and lord have mercy, there is TYCO again. what in g-d’s name was that pr thinking, getting that TYCO story and name all over the place. i feel dirty now- almost like i was “inappropriatly touched.”
    come on rep, now do you realize how ridiculous this post was- and please save the “3rd party endorsement, pr is so great,” stuff for another time.