And we wonder how things like the Amish school shooting can occur?

In an increasingly lawless society and topsy-turvy world comes news from the sports arena that three Indiana Pacers basketball players engaged in a fight at an Indianapolis strip club the other night. Big deal? Well, as it turns out Pacers Guard Stephan Jackson fired five shots in the air to express his anger at a fellow patron.

What a joke. How low have we stooped that many of our leading athletes are armed and dangerous?Jackson_1   And, why in the world would multimillionaires need to carry handguns for a night out on the town?

Pacers management excused the horrific player behavior by saying they had committed an "error in judgment" by staying out late during training camp. Say what? That’s it? They committed an error in judgment?

These gangsta-wannabe basketball and football stars are setting an unbelievably bad example to our nation’s youth. And the saddest (and baddest) part is they simply don’t seem to care. Nor do they seem to see "role model" as part of their job descriptions.

So, when our news analysts wonder how someone can walk into a Amish classroom, or a Montreal college campus or a Columbine High School library and open fire, we really need to look no further than the nearest mirror. We have somehow allowed handguns to become so pervasive and so "accepted" that our top sports stars pack heat.

Shakespeare wrote, "The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves." If the great Bard were alive today, he’d likely amend that statement to read, "The fault lies in our stars and ourselves."

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