What do Banana Republic, Intel and Coca-Cola all have in common?”

The answer is: they were among the very first big-time corporate marketers to advertise on blogs.

And, they’re doing so because advertisers know bloggers attract a very definite audience enabling them to truly pinpoint their marketing efforts. TechCrunch, the Silicon Valley tech-focused blog, is actually collecting some $60,000 per month in advertising dollars (it draws more than 1.5 mm readers on a regular basis).

Clearly, blogs are a viable business model if, and it’s a big if, they combine talent and content, while simultaneously being perceived as among the most influential "places" to break a story, introduce a new product or service, slam a competitor or do any number of other cool, juicy things.

So, while survey after survey may show that America’s corporations are slow to embrace blogging, individual bloggers who have figured out a way to set themselves apart are starting to rake in some serious bucks. And, there’s definitely a lot more gold in "….them thar hills." According to various sources, overall web advertising is expected to grow by 50 percent to $23.6 billion in 2010. And many analysts think bloggers will see a good slice of that moola.

So, attention digital advertisers: Repmanblog.com is now accepting offers. Imagine the added dimension Repman can add to your marketing efforts by connecting you to such upscale and influential prospective customers as "medical supply executive," "lunch boy" and "Uncle Utah." Talk about an offer you can’t refuse! Virtual operators are standing by now to take your order.

One thought on “What do Banana Republic, Intel and Coca-Cola all have in common?”

  1. I read something along those lines in a recent issue of Business 2.0. 60K a month sounds like some good “scratch,” or in my case, “cheddar.”
    Once mine is ready, I will come here to ask you and your posters to visit my site and tell me about your lunches. Can’t you just see the good folks at Campbell’s, Oscar Mayer and Kraft spending their money on my blog? what the hell have I been waiting for?
    BTW, today I had a smoked ham, swiss, sweet peppers, and pesto on focaccia bread. Side of jalapeno chips and a green tea. It was fantastic. Hope yours was good, too, Rep.