A young man’s perspective on McDonald’s

Chris ‘Repman, Jr.’ Cody, home for the Thanksgiving break, shared an interesting insight yesterday as we watched a bizarre McDonald’s commercial during a break in the Jets game. In the spot, one incredibly attractive young lady after another enter a guy’s apartment for a party where McDonald’s take-out food is being served.

A self-proclaimed man-about-town, Repman, Jr., was skeptical of the commercial, saying most guysMc942001  his age abhor kissing a girl who has just eaten a McDonald’s product. In fact, he says the ‘after taste’ of a quarter pounder is even worse than that of a cigarette. How ’bout that?

Chris’s observation was Interesting, but not surprising. On the rare occasions when I eat at McDonald’s or Burger King, I find myself immediately lamenting the fact and feeling the need for a cleansing shower.

Which got me thinking. If other young men (and women) feel so strongly about kissing someone who has just consumed a quarter pounder or Big Mac, maybe McD’s should think about a smart, in-store partnership with, say, Lavoris. That would solve the Chris Cody issue and still allow McDonald’s patrons to eat to their hearts’ content. And, speaking of hearts and heart disease, what about another McDonald’s partnership with a heart-healthy product? Dark chocolate, maybe? Red wine? What a great meal combo that would make: "Yes, I’d like the quarter-pounder with cheese, a glass of Pinot Noir and some heart-healthy dark chocolate. And, that’s to go, please.

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