Bogus cars = bogus sales

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just released its annual list of the safest cars to drive.H995rru_1  And, guess, what? There isn’t a single American-made car among the top 13 models in the large, midsized or small categories.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. In fact, it’s not even a big story anymore. Years ago, it might have been. But, Detroit’s image and reputation have taken such a beating that, collectively, the Big Three are seen as little more than road kill on the automotive global highway.

How does Detroit expect to forestall further inroads by the Toyotas of the road when they still can’t get it right from a safety standpoint? I, for one, don’t go near American cars. Detroit lost me 20 years ago and, based upon these scores, it will be at least another two decades before I pay them any attention.

Detroit’s plight is a great example of the best marketing, advertising and PR in the world not being able to overcome the handicap of a bad product. Spend as much as you like, Detroit. But, if the cars remain bogus, so will your sales figures. Until and unless the Big Three start consistently producing quality cars, they’ll stay in the rear-view mirrors of Toyota, Honda and other foreign manufacturers.

Thanks to Dave Mandell for this idea.

One thought on “Bogus cars = bogus sales

  1. Whoa – where is the Jetta? Haven’t they seen those commercials? And I thought I drove one of the safest cars. 🙁