Change for the sake of change

The totally bogus decision by the Florida Marlins to fire manager Joe Girardi after he engineered one5gg830  of the most striking turnarounds in recent MLB history was underscored by Girardi’s being named National League manager of the year. How sad, and how ironic, that he’s no longer around to enjoy his award.

The Marlins’ management decided that, regardless of Girardi’s accomplishments, it was time for a change. This sort of ‘change for change’s sake’ is certainly not unique to baseball. In fact, it runs rampant in the wonderful world of marketing as well.

How many times has an outstanding agency been dumped just because a new client marketing guru comes on board? How many times has an agency that’s been producing great results been told the account was being put up for review because the client wanted "fresh thinking" or a "different perspective"?

I remember one huge accounting firm letting us go despite breakthrough results on our part. Later on, it was bittersweet to be sure when, a la Joe Girardi, the program in question was submitted, and selected, as "best b-to-b" effort of the year.

Nothing against Girardi’s successor, but I’m kinda hoping he fails. Managements who change for the sake of change, sometimes need to be reminded of the absurdity of their decisions.

Thanks to Pete Harris for this idea.

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