Just train boorish

What’s up with women applying mascara, make-up, lipstick, etc., on the train in plain view ofBy00994_1   everyone? Do I want to see that? Does anyone? And, why is it considered acceptable?

Could you imagine the guy sitting across the aisle from you suddenly lathering up and dragging a razor across his chin? Or, how about that other guy sitting in the middle seat pulling out a tube of jell and waxing up his hair (or hair piece, for that matter)? Talk about a double standard. Guys just don’t pull that crap in public.

Next to the loudmouths (of both sexes) who engage in cellphone conversations and make sure you and everyone else on the train know the most minute details of their weekend plans, my vote for most boorish train behavior goes to the make-up mavens. Ladies: give us a break and put it on before you get on. It’s not good for your image and just makes an already bogus NJ Transit experience that much worse.

3 thoughts on “Just train boorish

  1. Personally I am terrified to stick the mascara wand anywhere near my eyes while in a moving vehicle. Also, got to love the girl next to you who finds it necessary to apply PERFUME on the train.
    ps- Is it “gel” not “jell” or is that some NY slang?

  2. I agree that the make-up on the train or subway is pretty nasty. But, I also have to nominate the men who feel the need to sit with their legs so wide apart that they take up two seats. The worst offenders, though: those who won’t give up–or at least offer–their seat for someone who is elderly, handicapped, or pregnant (I’ve experienced more than my share of the latter example in recent weeks).

  3. Yeah, the make-up in public irks me as well. Not as bad as being on the subway and sitting next to a guy clipping his nails though. That’s just downright nasty…