The right ingredients…

Blender manufacturer Blendtec recently launched a cool viral campaign called "Will it Blend?" They have a series of vids showing a guy throwing all sorts of items (marbles, wood, McDonald’s Value Meal, etc) into a standard BlendTec blender to find out if the stuff will churn up.

The latest video posted on Youtube shows 3 golf balls being chewed to bits. It’s only been on the site for 3 days and it already has 821,389 views. Great example of a company using viral marketing to get word out about a product.

Not only did this campaign probably cost Blendtec pennies to produce, it’s much more effective than a standard paid advertisement because it’s bringing consumers into the discussion. Over 1000 people have posted comments about it (mostly stuff like "I’ve gotta have this blender!")

Let’s just hope this little experiment doesn’t spin out of control with YouTubers trying things like “Will it Blend: Cat Edition.”

One thought on “The right ingredients…

  1. hey steve,
    love it. the key to producing ideas like this, is creating a corresponding metric. to your point, the cost is pennies – it would be great to embed some type of component that tracks to sales.