There ought to be a ‘lemon law’ for brands

Like a pop song that’s started to get a little stale or a previously undefeated college football team that’s just been upset, mighty Ford Motor Company is about to drop in the polls.

The polls in question are the lists of top global automakers. And, according to published reports,Hh9331   Ford is about to lose the coveted number 2 position to Toyota as soon as January. Amazingly, Ford’s held the ‘two spot’ since the 1920s. But poor quality, workmanship, design, strategy, and god knows what else, has forced Ford to move out of the fast lane and give way to mighty Toyota.

From an image and reputation standpoint, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Ford is simply not seen as producing a quality product. Americans want value for their money, and no longer see Ford as a viable solution. And, the best advertising, digital, viral and PR campaigns in the world won’t help. Nor will price cutting or ’employee discounts’ for everyone.

Ford’s problems and current predicament took years, if not decades, to cause. And, it will take years, if not decades, to fix.

So, I’d like to suggest that some governing body somewhere enact a lemon law for brands. Just as the government has stepped in to protect unwary consumers from buying a lemon of a car, some marketing group should be created to advise poorly managed organizations like Ford that marketing isn’t a solution.

Ford’s paying a heavy price for having taken its collective eyes off the road. It’s a lemon of a brand that, like a poorly built car, needs to be fixed from the inside out.

And, no one should be surprised if Toyota sees GM in its rearview mirror in the future as well.

Thanks to Deb for this idea.

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