What’s next? The OJ Simpson School of Sports Management at USC?

Can you believe Florida State University accepted $5 million from the infamous ex-Sunbeam Fsu_1 CEO ‘Chainsaw’ Al Dunlap to create a ‘Student Success Center’? Unbelievable!

Dunlap was one of the most horrific chief executives in recent American business history. His slash-and-burn management style destroyed countless businesses, not to mention lives. He finally came a cropper when financial irregularities led to his personal downfall and Sunbeam’s eventual bankruptcy. But, like many poorly performing CEOs, Al walked away with a pot load of cash. And, good old Al decided to use a pittance of it to help out a local school.

In FSU’s case, money clearly ‘trumped’ any ethical considerations (pun intended, by the way). When asked why the Florida State web site didn’t mention Dunlap’s sordid past, a spokesperson sniffed, "Our decision was to focus on what this gift will do. We didn’t feel there was anything to be gained by getting into his career." Yeah, sure.

Well, anyway, following the example set by the truly unholy alliance between FSU and Chainsaw Al, how about the following possibilities?

– The Jeffrey Skilling School of Evasive Management at the University of Houston

– The Richard Scrushy School of Creative Finance at the University of Alabama

– The James McGreevey double major in leading double lives at Rutgers University

– The Barry Bonds School of Boorishness at Stanford University

– The James Frey School of Selective Memory at the University of Minnesota.

And so on. And so forth. Feel free to add your own suggestions. Oh, and by the way, if I were an FSU alum, I’d be one royally pissed off Seminole right about now.

6 thoughts on “What’s next? The OJ Simpson School of Sports Management at USC?

  1. ok rep, so it would be better of chainsaw al to keep his money rather than put it to good use?
    and here’s one more school:
    Lunch BoyLover school for special people.

  2. What is this saying to business students though, and moreover, accounting students who I’m certain have studied his business practices? In an environment where corporate visibility and business ethics are of utmost concern, FSU is not setting an example for its students by accepting money from an ethically questionable former business leader. Although sizable, I’m surprised the school would accept it. Perhaps they could put the money to good use and create an ethics in accounting / business program instead.
    In a little defense of my alma mater, I can’t imagine that FSU is the only school in history who has accepted a sizable donation from someone whose business practices have been suspect (and well documented in this case). In fact, I believe that the University of Missouri-Columbia accepted a donation from Kenneth Lay in the past and still has the “Kenneth L. Lay Chair in International Economics.” They may have received the donation prior to the end of his trial, but nevertheless, the money was never given back.

  3. I-man, its one thing to rehab a bad image or reputation for a one-time event. Chainsaw Al became the poster child for the slash-and-burn CEO without a conscience. And he did it again and again. Dunlap gutted companies and destroyed lives. Good luck “rehabbing” that image.

  4. so i really haven’t commented here for a while for many reasons, but this one calls for it. REP, I REALLY DON’T GET WHAT YOU ARE SMOKING! aren’t you the one that provides the same old crisis management tips about fixing one’s image by going on a speaking tour about what not to do, or educating the youth, or giving to a charity etc. etc.
    so here, chainsaw al gives a large donation to a school to help in the exact ways you tell clients, and u mock it. we all know what chainsaw al was, but maybe this is his way of reinventing himself and giving back to help others. what is wrong with that?