Every now and then the system works


Mark McGwire’s near unanimous rejection by baseball writers voting which
players should be named to the uber prestigious Hall of Fame is a victory for
fans everywhere.

It shows that, in this case, words sometimes speak louder than actions. The
‘words’ were McGwire’s Congressional testimony a while back when, asked directly
if he’d ingested steroids, said, "I prefer to not look at the past."

Fans knew McGwire’s prestigious home run records, which seemed so amazing at
the time, were achieved via his bulking up on illegal substances.

Now, baseball writers have made McGwire pay the ultimate price. He’ll sit on
the bench while two902
somewhat lesser luminaries, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr,
scoot into the Hall.

If he is to ever be inducted into the hallowed Hall, McGwire needs to embark
on a significant image and reputation rehab program forthwith. I’ve suggested in
the past that he consider a grassroots Little League program aimed at educating
kids on the dangers of steroid use. Whatever he does, McGwire better act fast.
His chances for future induction rest on his ability to admit fault, ‘find’ the
right pitch and then launch it out of the park.

In the meantime, it’s nice to know that, for once, the system worked as it

2 thoughts on “Every now and then the system works

  1. As a matter of fact, I HAVE been to the baseball hall of fame in the past few years. While it may pale to the Disney/Universal experiences, it remains Mecca for the true baseball aficionado. Trust me, Mark McGwire is dying right now and would give his left bicep or tricep to be inducted alongside Messrs. Gwynn and Ripken, Jr.

  2. Been to the Baseball Hall of Fame lately? I was there a year or so ago and COULD NOT have been more disappointed. It is small, shallow, the displays are shallow, the word “Doubleday” is nowhere to be found and the memorabilia displayed is no more impressive than some fan’s private collection. Uber prestigious? I don’t think so. Baseball schmaseball. I think the country is over it.