King of kings may not be

Titanic director James Cameron is about to break a startling ‘news‘ story Tomb_2
that he says will shake Christianity to its very roots. In a new documentary, Cameron says he has proof that Jesus Christ did not ‘rise again’ after being crucifed and that his coffin, along with those of Mary, Mary Magdelene, et al, has been found near Jerusalem.

So, if Christ’s coffin has indeed been found and some sort of DNA evidence proves it’s him (Him?), does that, in fact, destroy his (His?) long-standing image and reputation as being ‘king of kings’?

Far be it from me to comment on the merits of what Cameron has found. But, it will be fascinating to see how Christianity in general, and the Roman Catholic Church in particular, will respond. Will it be the usual dismissive shrug of the shoulder? Will they condemn Cameron? Or will the Church step up to the plate and appoint its own independent commission to examine Cameron’s findings and claims?

Regardless of what course they take, it’s yet another serious challenge to a Church that’s been reeling for years in the wake of multiple scandals, most of which were badly bungled from a crisis management standpoint.

Just this once, though, I’d love to see them respond in a smart, measured way and be open to an honest and frank dialogue on the subject. Could anything be more important to them (Them?) right now?

Tip of the hat to Tom Powers for the idea

One thought on “King of kings may not be

  1. The church will fuss and scream and call names and basically pitch the same type of tantrum they did over the “Da Vinci Code.” One thing they surely will NOT do is launch a scientific examination. Their hook is spirituality and no amount of scientific evidence will budge the true believers in the Catholic faith. We’re still arguing Darwin’s case for heaven’s sake! There are two kinds of people in this world. People who blindly follow men in dresses and pointy hats and do as they are told, and those who are free enough, intelligent enough and brave enough to think for themselves.