We’ve got one tough Soldier of Christ at the Middletown train station

Braving wind chills of minus 11 and indifference from my fellow commuters, our resident over-the-top evangelizer was once again on the job this morning.

His refrain, as always, asks us to ask ourselves who we are really working for: ourselves, our families, etc., and asks us to ask ourselves who we really should be working for: the Big Guy up above.

Despite his one-trick pony of a message, I must admit to a certain admiration of this guy and hisBbilw  delivery technique. As corporate spokespeople go, he’s not bad. In fact, compared to many, he’s damn (sorry) good. He’s always well-dressed, engaging, has the passion of his convictions and, as I’ve noted, stays on message.

Regardless of whether he has all his marbles, our train station prophet actually outperforms a lot of corporate spokespeople with whom we’ve worked. In many cases, corporate spokespeople either confuse themselves (and their audiences with too many messages), use "inside baseball" speak that only they and their co-workers understand or see media interviews as nothing more than sales calls and try to use the same hard-sell techniques one sees on those God-awful (sorry) Saturday-morning infomercials.

So, despite the weather, I must admit to a grudging respect for my proselytizing platform preacher. He may say some strange things, but the guy stays on message and delivers what we call the "problem-solution" argument (problem: we’re all going to hell if we don’t accept Christ into our lives. Solution: accept Christ). Talk about mastering the K.I.S.S. principle. I wonder if he’s available for media training?

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