Halliburton’s timing impacts its image

Regardless of whether Halliburton’s decision to relocate the office of Chairman and Chief Executive Halliburton2_1 Officer David Lesar to Dubai was made purely for business reasons, it does raise eyebrows. It also comes at a time when Halliburton can ill afford any more hits to its already tattered image and reputation.

Halliburton’s Manager of PR, Melissa Norcross, sent reporters an e-mail in which she swept aside suggestions made by Democrats that the company was ‘….trying to run away from bad publicity on their contracts.’ Norcross insisted instead that Halliburton’s curious move was made purely for business reasons and will not benefit it from a tax standpoint. She added that Halliburton intends to remain a U.S. Corporation.

Maybe. Regardless of its motive, Halliburton’s timing is terrible and provides leading Dems like Hillary another opportunity to take potshots at the the White House and that crack shot himself, Vice President Cheney.

Halliburton is an incredibly successful, well-positioned company that should have waited for ongoing investigations of its Iraqi War shenanigans to have played out. Relocating the CEO’S office to Dubai sends exactly the wrong message at the wrong time and makes it seem like the company is indeed, as some Dems suggest, just taking the first step in a strategy to relocate itself completely outside the jurisdiction of U.S. Laws and regulations.

2 thoughts on “Halliburton’s timing impacts its image

  1. I get what you’re saying. No “PR” arguments. But one sincere question: If the CEO of H was moving to London with the same explanation about taxes and remaining a US company, would anyone have said anything? I seriously doubt it… I just got back from my first trip to Dubai, and it looks a bit like NYC — if NYC was built in the last 5 years…and was nearly as spread out as Silicon Valley. It’s an amazing place, and both westernized and eclectic in many respects — so much so, it may be a target itself by radical extremists. Just thought that needed to be said in all fairness.

  2. Won’t Halliburton be removed from the lawsuits once KBR is totally split from the company?