Stand up for the brand of you

A couple of days ago someone asked me why I’d started my own business (along with Edward, of course). The answer was simple, I said. I didn’t want to look back on my life one day and ask myself, ‘What if’?

So, I did the entrepreneurial thing and it was good. But, I had had other aspirations that had gone unheeded. One was to perform stand-up comedy.

For one reason or another, I’d always found an excuse not to do it. Then, one day, I met a guy named Sandeep Manchanda at a CEO of the year dinner function. Sandeep turned out to be a Fortune 500 CIO and stand-up comedian. How bizarre, I thought.

Sandeep told me he’d trained at the Comedy Instiutute in New York and was now tying-in stand-up gigs with his business trips. How cool, I thought.

But, I filed it away with my other dreams and didn’t act upon it. Until last week, that is. That’s when I made my comedy debut at Stand-up New York and loved every second of it. And, they actually asked me to perform again, so I couldn’t have been that bad.

Now that I’ve performed stand-up comedy, I next want to take acting lessons and climb Vermont’s highest mountain with Chris "Repman, Jr." Cody.

Success in business is great (and is predicated upon teamwork). But, sometimes it’s important to focus on the ‘brand of you’ as well. It’s an amazing and rewarding experience to push oneself and do the things that, deep down, one’s always aspired to do. It also does wonders for the ego and ain’t bad for the image and reputation either.

So, if there’s a comedian, actor or mountain climber in you, give it a shot. After all, you don’t want to be sitting in a rocking chair many years from now wondering, ‘What if’?

7 thoughts on “Stand up for the brand of you

  1. Wow – I’m so impressed – I wish they had that in Chicago. In grade school, my classmates always thought I would be a comedian, but I’m much more sarcastic on the fly and I’m not sure I could put together a routine.
    Just today someone was telling me about their weight fluctuations and how they bounce from a size 6 to a size 2 or 4. I said how I used to wear my mom’s size 7/8 jeans in high school (and I’m a size 0) and everyone thought I was a skater chick, but that is was really just because we were poor and luckily the grunge look was popular at the time, so the ripped shirts looked cool. My friend laughed and said that sounded like a bit right out of a comedy routine. That happens often – so I guess my seriousness sounds a little funny, but I love to make people laugh 🙂
    I’m glad to see PR and comedy work well together! Congrats and I wish you continued success!

  2. That’s awesome, Steve. Congrats! But now you’ve opened Pandora’s Box. You’ll have to do a set at the CA Spring Conference. Gee, after hearing about this, I may wander back to the stage myself. It’s been way too long.

  3. Wow! Tres cool. I’ve always thought that the MOST TERRIFYING profession one could possibly enter is the world of stand-up comedy. I shudder to think…and I don’t embarass or shudder easily! Which reminds me…(shameless plug…)
    I never gave you the url for my professional performing career site to check out.
    here it is:
    (suprise suprise)
    I have some fun youtube videos on the “media” page if you are feeling particularly procrastinatardly (…?!)

  4. I was there and what a show it was! Bravo RepMan for a most excellent and entertaining evening. Maybe you’ll be asked to be the opening act at the next PR Week Awards?

  5. I have to say Steve I am so impressed by your ability to innovate at every level – not only professionally but personally too. The next time I ‘get the fear’ about delivering a conference speech or doing a large presentation I will think of you doing this!

  6. wow, sounds very cool. you use any medsupply jokes?
    i actually got a good laugh just from the grammar in the post “I met a guy name Sandeep Manchanda”