Here’s a no brainer: your average Republican is out of touch

The latest Pew Research Center survey shows that viewers of "The Daily Show" and "Colbert" and Colbert_2 readers of daily newspapers are the most knowledgeable about current events while those who watch Fox know the least.

The survey, the first of its kind since 1989, showed fewer people today could identify the vice president (only 69 percent knew of Dick Cheney as opposed to 74 percent being aware of Dan Quayle in ’89. Whether Quayle himself was ever ‘aware’ is debatable). That said, the 31 percent of current respondents unable to identify Cheney may have just been in denial.

Men did better than women in the survey and older Americans fared better than their younger counterparts (the latter finding is no surprise whatsoever since so many of my son and daughter’s friends strike me as being totally out of touch with current events).

And, last but not least, Democratic respondents outclassed their Republican peers in terms of awareness. Again, this may be just mass denial on the part of the latter. After all, if I was a Republican, I’d try to erase just about everything in my memory banks prior to 2000.

Thanks to Bob Reed for the idea.

One thought on “Here’s a no brainer: your average Republican is out of touch

  1. Suddenly all makes sense. Our dear leader’s puppeteer, on his hotel reservation rider, insists that all TV sets in his suite are tuned to FOX News.