Talk about being in denial

A $28 million ‘creation-based’ museum has opened in the heartland and is devoted to depicting antiquity via a literal interpretation of the Bible. So, since the Bible teaches that God created the world Biblebased_3 approximately 5,000 years ago, this museum has animatronic versions of Adam and Eve cavorting in the Garden of Eden right alongside T Rex and other dinosaurs.

The museum’s creator believes that God made all creatures simultaneously and wanted to build an environment in which true believers can experience the real deal as ‘He’ intended.

Scarier than the museum’s creation, though, is the fact that record numbers of believers flocked to the museum’s opening. What does it say about a person, people or country that will not permit cold scientific facts or reason to get in the way of belief? Fundamentalist religion is truly scary.

5 thoughts on “Talk about being in denial

  1. To paraphrase a recent quote from Al Gore, “Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a sharply diminished role in the way American’s think?” Maybe the three Republican presidential candidates who don’t believe in evolution will all make campaign stops at this “museum”.

  2. This is using the word “museum” lightly, ridiculous. As a museum goer and a Catholic I find it somewhat unbelievable. Could the Scopes Monkey Trial happen today? Perhaps

  3. Most religions use a similar combination of mysticism, pagan rituals and other mumbo jumbo to explain creation, I-man. Just because it was written long ago by semi-literate types from the Middle East, doesn’t mean the Bible should be taken as gospel (pun intended).

  4. hate to break the news to you repman, but the jewish faith is based on that belief…wonder what mr. moed thinks about this.