Well, it was fun while it lasted

I guess it had to happen sooner or later for this erstwhile altar boy. I’ve been officially excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Even worse, I can no longer receive communion (talk about a real bummer).

Yes, I’m out. Gone. Done, Kaput. History. Finished. Washed up. Tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper. Pope_4 All because I’m pro-choice. Yes, like the vast majority of Americans, I’m pro Roe v. Wade and believe a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to proceed with a pregnancy. And, that’s puts me on Pope Benedict XVI’s enemy list.

In a way, it’s a modern red badge of courage. It’s kinda cool to be able to answer that typical ‘what’s new?’ question one receives at cocktail parties by responding, ‘Well, I’m studying improv, planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in December with my son and, oh yeah, I’ve just been excommunicated by the Catholic Church.’

This latest ruling will only serve to further alienate the Church from the majority of Americans (and prospective congregants). It also paints them as out-of-touch and unresponsive (just like another sheltered leadership team I can think of). It’s one thing to take a firm stance on an issue like abortion. It’s quite another to throw someone out because he or she disagrees with your point of view. And, with Benedict’s other recent edict declaring that Limbo no longer exists, my post-life options are becoming increasingly limited.

Thanks to Tom Powers for the idea.

4 thoughts on “Well, it was fun while it lasted

  1. Steve,
    Your post reinforces what many people who actually think are coming to realize: Spirituality is fine; religion is irrelevant.
    BTW, be sure to detail your mountain trek in your 2007 Christmas letter.
    Frank and Wife

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. As a former altar boy myself–and a currently non-practicing Catholic–I find myself hopelessly at odds with the Church. What I think adds insult to injury in this case, though, is the fact that not only is the Church willing to excommunicate members who choose to entertain abortion (a progressive stance in an ever-changing world), but it has also chosen to canonize as a saint a man whose miracles have been called into question not only by the secular world but by other Catholics, as well. Far from being progressive, the Catholic Church is becoming ever more backward.

  3. Steve, really…you should know better. You are ex-communicated if you believe in abortion but are forgiven if you’re a priest who also happens to be a pedophile (seems like the numbers are growing these days). Just because pedophiles are repeat offenders and cannot be rehabilitated according to many studies doesn’t mean they can’t be forgiven if they go to Church and say their confession. Since the Catholic Church has been complaining that they need more priests, I think they should partner with Dateline’s predator series. They can find out which pedophiles are Catholic and then ordain them.