JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge reflects poorly on company’s image and reputation

Why sponsor an event if you aren’t committed to making it a first-class experience?

Having just run the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Runners_2
Challenge in Central Park, I can state that it is the most poorly organized and, potentially, most dangerous race I’ve ever run. And, the JP Morgan Chase people either don’t know or don’t care.

To begin with, organizers permit way too many runners to compete in way too confined a space. They also do a horrendous job of separating the walkers from the runners so, at almost every half-mile or so, I was running right up the back of an unsuspecting walker. There’s absolutely no crowd control either, so we runners had to dodge everything from pedestrians trying to scoot across the course to, believe it or not, a woman walking her dog against the flow of thousands of runners. Someone should whisper in that dog whisperer’s ears. Talk about animal cruelty!

To add insult to injury, the official race clocks seemed to have had issues as well, so no one was quite sure what their time was.

Added up, these snafu’s make me wonder if JP Morgan Chase can’t manage a 3.5 mile race, how could they possibly do a good job with my assets?

It’s time for the company to either find something else they can manage well or get their act together on the race. Here’s one runner who has grave doubts about ever competing in a JP Morgan Chase event again.

3 thoughts on “JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge reflects poorly on company’s image and reputation

  1. Their crowd/traffic control sounds pretty bad, but honestly the few races I’ve run in have been super crowded too. I’ve come to think that’s just how marathons are.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that I’m right in my theory that when big companies throw together something like this, they usually hand it off down the chain of command til interns are the ones in charge. 😉

  2. I am…was a very good banking customer with our local Chase (JP Morgan) bank. We have a very good standing mortgage with them, as well as a HELOC that also is / was in very good standing.
    The other day we received a notice that our HELOC was terminated because of the market de-value in properties. We have an up-scale Patio home that was apprassied recently for $225K at the bottom of the market falling out. Our local government says the tax assessment is valued at $218K. We owe $177K and the HELOC limit is $23K and has a “zero” balance. We paid the last $10K advancement off in 9 months.
    Long story short, we are a family with low -to- no comsumer debet, very credit worthy with a net-worth and they, Chase Mortgage, said that they were sorry but they had to cancel our HELOC because of property valuation? This is why Chase / JP Morgan is going down in value as well as reputation for managing their finances because they throw away good customers / business for bad.
    And they call these guys “Bankers” – “Professionals in the Industry”? We / People ask, whats the wrong with our banking institions? Read this and maybe the clue will appear!