Oops, they did it again

Just when JetBlue seemed to have found some smooth sailing comes news that they totally bungled yet another flight, destroyed some customer relationships in the process and did little to help their already fragile corporate image.

The most recent event occurred on a Fort Lauderdale to JFK flight.

While all airlines are impacted by weather-related delays, JetBlue seems unique in its inability to communicate with its passengers during an incident. Their lack of communications during the Valentine’s Day Massacre is now legendary. So, why one asks, can this airline not get its act together? Why, when they’re unable to make the connections and changes necessary to the get ill-fated Ft. Lauderdale passengers to their eventual destination, do the JetBlue managers fail to let their customers know what’s what?

Lots of pundits have lauded what JetBlue did to rebuild its image after those February disasters. But, this most recent calamity tells me the infrastructure remains unsound and continues operating on a wing and a prayer.

Thanks to Greg S. for the idea.

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