Sony sneak attack on Manchester Cathedral deserves more than an apology

The latest in a long line of screw-ups by the one-time corporate golden boy, Sony, is a real beaut.

‘Resistance: Fall of Man,’ one of Sony’s latest computer games, simulates a shootout between soldiers Ps3resistancefontus_2 and aliens inside a church that bears a striking resemblance to Manchester Cathedral in England. Church officials demanded the game be immediately changed or withdrawn, especially in light of gang-related gun violence in the city.

Sony responded only with a letter of apology.

If we wonder how and why incidents like the Virginia Tech massacre seem to be happening in increasing numbers, we need only look at the incredibly obscene violence that comes from video game makers like Sony.

For once, I agree with church officials. Sony should yank the game from store shelves and start practicing some corporate social responsibility.

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