But, what if I don’t enjoy your ringtone?

How many times have you called someone only to hear a recorded voice inviting you to ‘enjoy the music’ while waiting for the cell phone owner to actually answer?

I don’t know about you, but this really bugs me. Especially when I have to listen to a tune I don’t like, Flocellphone_3 don’t know or downright despise.

To wit:

– my wife forces callers to suffer through something called ‘Float on’ by Modest Mouse. It’s godawful.

– my daughter subjects people to ‘Soul meets body’ by Death Cab for Cutie (unintelligible lyrics, but one of the greatest band names ever)

– and, my daughter’s buddy, Lisa, hits you with the old Charlie Daniels song, ‘Devil went down to Georgia.’ I still don’t get the connection on that one.

Ringtones are audio spam. There’s no opting in on the part of the caller. Instead, we’re forced to listen to drivel selected by someone else. All of which reflects poorly on the call recipient’s image and reputation. So, while Whole Foods CEO John Mackey gets chewed up for posting ersatz comments on his blog and Miss New Jersey deals with blackmail threats caused by party pics posted on the web, the average cell phone owner gets away with aural murder.

I think it’s time for those of us who dislike ringtones to rise up, throw open those virtual windows and shout, ‘I’m mad as hell at having to listen to horrible ringtone music and not going to take it anymore!"

Tomorrow’s blog will list my guesses at what ringtones the famous (Donald Trump), infamous (Jack the Ripper) and pedestrian (med supply executive) might have used/are using. I’d appreciate additions to the list once it’s posted.

Thanks to Cat Cody for the idea.

4 thoughts on “But, what if I don’t enjoy your ringtone?

  1. Funny. Even LOL funny. First off, MSE, the song to which you refer is “Loser” not “I’m a loser.” Please, until you create something recognized as much as one of Beck’s most popular songs, maybe you should do some homework and get the title right. But, I am beginning to understand how your simple mind works, and that how searching Google to get your facts straight would force you to exert energy.
    I bet you are dieing to have a ringtone though, but you’re just too lazy to choose one and upload it. So, I’ve done half the work for you. Research the song “Lazy Lyrics” by X.Press 2 featuring David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame). Pay attention to the lyrics and take care, bub.

  2. dont have a ringtone, sorry to disappoint. but, i will give a guess as to lunch moron’s- my money has “i’m a loser” as being his ringtone of choice…

  3. Excellent point, Doug. Ringtones are, along with everything else, part of a person’s overall image. So, at the same time you’re thinking whether those photos on Facebook are appropriate or not, think about what your ringtone tone says about you to a prospective employer. Btw, Ed Moed’s ringtone for many years was Billy Joel’s “Big shot.” Need I say more?

  4. While I certainly agree with your opinion about these ringtones, isn’t it possible that when it comes to crafting a personal brand, the perfectly chosen song could create a positive effect? Repman, I’ll need your opinion as the employer, but if you called me as a potential employee, and heard something along the lines of “Lean on Me,” wouldn’t that create an image of me as a dependable person immediately before we spoke? There are plenty of songs out there which, through the lyrics or the music, can provoke a certain feeling, and the right choice could be one of those “little things” that employers look for in the hiring process.