Meet the new Delta. Same as the old Delta

Delta Airlines recently emerged from bankruptcy with a promise to be much more customer-centric in Delta_2   everything they do.

And, at times in my back-and-forth travel to Rome this past week, they did a pretty fair job. But, any efforts at ‘winning’ me back went badly off course last weekend. First, we sat and sat at DaVinci Airport in Rome just so one ‘connecting’ passenger could make the flight. It was great for him, but caused a 90 minute delay for us.

After landing at JFK and clearing customs, we were directed to baggage carousel six. We waited there for 25 minutes. Then, we were re-directed to carousel one. We waited there for another 25 minutes before, yes, they directed us back to the original carousel.

Needless to say, all this turbulence had my mind (and stomach) spinning…Delta’s back all right. And, if my experiences are any indication, they’ll be making a final approach towards oblivion in the not-too-distant future.

5 thoughts on “Meet the new Delta. Same as the old Delta

  1. Seems many airlines have a lot to be desired these days — at least Delta is trying to be customer-centric. They could follow suit of American and completely disregard their customers, take away food, blankets, etc..

  2. Ah, yes, another example of your continuing personal vendetta against the airlines. Bravo.

  3. Whoever is running Delta, and any other airline, is just not putting him or herself in the shoes of passengers. While trying to distinguish itself from the competition, Delta offers a service like texting a passenger their flight status, but simply ignores the reality of an average traveler. What good is your flight status over the phone when you need to arrive 2 hours ahead of time anyway? As a fairly regular airline passenger myself, I see no use in a program like that one. Instead, these airlines need to stop overlooking the little things that actually matter to passengers, like knowing with baggage carousal to wait at. My hope is that an industry which is almost entirely dependent on customer satisfaction would make decisions backed up by research, yet in this case I would actually be surprised to learn that an airline cares about what a passenger actually thinks.