NFL needs to tackle the perps

The National Football League is guilty of multiple penalties for ignoring the long-term damage of concussions and overlooking the egregious behavior of star player Michael Vick.

The concussion saga is a sad one. It’s a story of denial as more and more allegations by former players Nm_vick_070717_ms_2 are added to autopsy findings and fresh research showing the cumulative damage caused by multiple concussions.

What is also coming to light is a longstanding tradition within the NFL in which players are expected to ‘shake-off’ the effects of a ‘dinger’ and return to the playing field ASAP. Many players say they have total memory losses of those games (and worse). In fact, more and more ex-players are reporting severe depression, a potpourri of physical disabilities and, in some, cases, are actually committing suicide. Yet, the NFL seems as slow to react as William ‘the refrigerator’ Perry once was to run across the goal line.

At the same time, NFL superstar Vick has finally been indicted for training pit bulls to fight in illegal gambling exhibitions at his palatial estate.

This sort of cruelty defies description. Yet, until a grand jury acted, Vick was footloose and fancy free to go about his pre-season duties as the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

There’s something rotten in virtually every segment of society: sports, business, government, entertainment and religion. What it all comes down to is a profound lack of accountability and the rise of a class of individuals who, like Michael Vick, believe the laws of society simply don’t apply to them. It’s time for the NFL and others to start making the perps pay.

Thanks to Repman Jr. for the idea.

5 thoughts on “NFL needs to tackle the perps

  1. Vick’s career with the NFL is over whether or not he is convicted–good riddance. Repman your anger at the NFL over their lack of concern for former players is misplaced. It is the NFL player’s union that is ignoring the plight of their former brethren. The current players (short sighted or not) are only interested in maximizing their current earnings and vote accordingly. Although, perhaps in your next life as NFL commissioner, you could change the rules of the game so as to avoid player contact.

  2. Repman, I’m right there with you on Vick and his ilk but … “What is also coming to light is a longstanding tradition within the NFL in which players are expected to ‘shake-off’ the effects of a ‘dinger’ and return to the playing field ASAP.”
    Repman, its professional football not tennis. These highly paid atheletes wear pads not skirts. Violence, hostility, anger, toughness and the infliction of pain are coached, practiced and expected on gameday. A blister might keep you off the court or out of your jogging shoes but a streak of blood on an NFL player’s uniform is a badge of honor.

  3. I think the NFL needs to set an example with some of the true thugs. And, happily, they’ve begun to with Pacman, et al. Vick has demonstrated his character (or lack thereof) from day one. If I were the NFL commissioner, I’d suspend Vick pending the outcome of the trial. An indictment wouldn’t have been handed down if the evidence wasn’t pretty compelling. The NFL has to show fans that they won’t accept criminal or unethical behavior from players. Period.

  4. rep- i agree with you on vick’s character but here’s the one small issue- ever hear of being innocent until proven guilty? don’t get me wrong, i believe where there’s smoke there’s fire and it looks like vick is guilty as sin. but, what is the NFL to do- suspend him now while he is still “innocent.” once he is sent to jail, there will be no issue, but there aint much the nfl can do now…

  5. I, too, am outraged over what this piece of dung has done. He is (or was) fast enough to run away from the defenses he couldn’t read, but now he’ll have to mount his own D…against the Feds. My money is that he will be cut by the Falcons, exiled from the NFL, and never play again.
    As for the NFL and the health concerns…I understand your and Jr.’s point, but let’s not forget that these goliaths CHOOSE this field (pun intended) for their livelihood. Some, as we all know, even ignore other things in life (like getting an education even when they are handed scholarship money out the wazoo). They train, and in some cases, manipulate their bodies to prepare, handle and withstand the rigors of the gridiron for a hefty paycheck. If they forget about a few games or complain of “dingers,” sure it is unfortunate, but I didn’t force them to play this game or earn those paychecks. Neither did you.
    I do feel the NFL is guilty of hording billions of dollars and not giving enough to those who have earned their retirements benefits through the union.
    Good topics the past few days, Repman…it will be a baloney and cheese today in honor of Mike’s prison food menu.