The brand of you…part two

There are many ways in which to build what I call ‘the brand of you.’

As noted in yesterday’s blog, I recently spoke to about 75 PR agency interns at a Council of PR Firms event. The students in attendance were, understandably, most focused on how to ‘win’ their upcoming job interviews. But, until they’re able to point to real and relevant workplace accomplishments, intangibles like personal contacts and personality will determine their success. As will their ability to uncover the pain keeping the interviewer up at night and suggesting ways in which the intern might help ease that pain (it’s also a great way to get the interviewer talking, which is a key to winning an interview)..

Creating an individual brand isn’t easy. But, I’ve seen countless individuals at my firm do just that, inluding:

– one person who created an interactive cocktail reception to train staff at all levels in the art of networking

– an account executive who pitched, wrote and placed a co-bylined article on a subject of interest to her: multicultural marketing

– a staffer who took it upon himself to not only be our resident digital expert, but actually created our practice offering

– an account person who devised a job swap concept that’s involved my partner and me as well as two junior AEs (and resulted in our making significant changes to the way we do business).

Each one of these people have taken important strides in building their own brands. And, while I’d hate to contemplate any of them leaving us one day, the fact is that their accomplishments will clearly set them apart as they continue along their chosen career paths.

So, the next time you find yourself submerged in day-to-day account or administrative work, take a second to stop and think of smart and strategic ways to build or nurture the brand of you. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

6 thoughts on “The brand of you…part two

  1. lunchy- did you skip the spelling portion of the intern program?

  2. Sorry if I ruined your morning, Promo Boy. Two posts – 4 minutes apart – before 6 AM!?!
    Also, I am sorry to report that I eneded my interning days years ago.

  3. LB, you are one sorry sack of crap. Stick to getting coffee for the suits at your company. Anyone else agree?

  4. Talk about a sorry sack of crap, LB. It’s amazing how you always seem to appear right after MSE posts. Probably safe to assume that LB isn’t the RepMan posting an alias, but rather a lowly intern trying to brown nose his way up the ole corporate ladder. Here’s some advice- stick to getting your boss his coffee and lunch and focus on your work; let us all take a moment of silence for this lost soul.

  5. I’ll assume that this was you, Medical Supply Executive? If so, while you continue to fashion your own brand, I’d advise to go a little lighter on the shameless self-promotion.
    Anyone else agree?

  6. what about the account guy who created the cyber crisis network? even years after his departure, the CCN was being used in marketing materials…