In Boulder, somebody’s always fitter than you

So I’m in the midst of a very cool, all-outdoor activities Summer vacation in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder

To say that Boulder is a mecca for fitness freaks would be akin to saying that Baghdad attracts a few malcontents with ill intentions. The place literally swarms with runners, bikers, kayakers, rafters and every other type of outdoor type known to man

In point of fact, Boulder is fitness on steroids. To illustrate the point, I ‘bumped’ into a woman while climbing 7,500-foot Mt. Sanitas yesterday. As I huffed and puffed my way up, she was trotting down. She smiled and told me I was halfway to the summit. I grunted to acknowledge I’d understood what she’d just said. She smiled and replied, “It could be worse. You could be climbing this mountain four times in one day like me. This is my third trip.” I was incredulous. “I have to keep pushing myself,” she replied, sensing my disbelief. “In Boulder, someone is always fitter than you.”

Which I guess is a good thing. I’d rather compete with runners, hikers and tennis players, who are better than me than, say, go mano-a-mano with some highly political, backstabbing fast tracker in a Fortune 500 corporation. 

I like this woman’s unofficial city motto for Boulder and wondered what variations might work for other top U. S. cities:

– ‘In Houston, someone’s always fatter than you.’
– ‘In Newark, someone’s car is always being stolen before yours.’
– ‘In Hollywood, someone’s always got more silicone than you.’
– ‘In Detroit, someone’s always been downsized more times than you.’
– ‘In Seattle, someone’s always more depressed than you.’

I have to believe the city fathers of Boulder are delighted with their image and reputation. They may not attract the ever-expanding Double Mac-gorging, channel surfing, trailer park crowd, but something tells me they’re cool with that.

2 thoughts on “In Boulder, somebody’s always fitter than you

  1. Steve,
    I just got a mail from an oncle of mine from Egypt, you know, this is from my grandpa branch who was in some way related to Nebkheperura Tutankhamon from the 18th dinasty, so, he wrote me that they saw a foreigner running errantly around their village in the Giza Plant neighbors, the way they describe him (short hair, heavy feet, deep breath…), just wandering if you have been to Egypt lately…

  2. In Atlanta someone’s been stuck at the airport longer than you.
    In Palm Beach, someone’s always older than you.
    In Baghdad, someone’s always more afraid than you.
    In Washington DC, someone always has more headaches than you.